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You scored a 7% with me, 8% with Rikki, and 5% with RJ.

Wow, why did you even think you could be my Boy Toy? You are no ones Boy Toy. In fact, you may not even be a play thing at all. Perhaps you should go make sure that you are of some use to someone. Then you can try again.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • RJ Distribution

    They scored 5% on RJ, higher than 5% of your peers.

  • Rikki Distribution

    They scored 8% on Rikki, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • Rebecca Distribution

    They scored 7% on Rebecca, higher than 5% of your peers.

All possible test results


Wow, why did you even think you could be my Boy Toy? You are no ones Boy Toy. In fact, you may not even be a play thing at all. Perhaps you should go make sure that you are of some use to someone. The... Read more

Rebecca's Pet

You can be my pet, but unfortunately you simply aren't cut out to be my Boy Toy. Maybe after some careful nurturing and much training, you will become a successful Boy Toy. Read more

Rebecca's Boy Toy

Congratulations. You are fit to be my Boy Toy. Unfortunately, you failed to score well enough with either of my partners for me to really take you into consideration. Tough luck. Read more

Rikki's Pet

My, my, my. You are a strange one. You've only qualified enough to be my girlfriend Rikki's Pet. Don't worry. She'll take good care of you... Well, good enough... As good as you could expect from a s... Read more

The Ideal Pet

You made it. Well, most of the way. You're fit to be an exciting and fun pet for both me and my girlfriend, Rikki. We'll enjoy whipping you into proper Boy Toy submission...If you're up for it. Read more

Boy Toy Material

You're Boy Toy material. Unlike some men, you've succeeded at both scoring well with me, and scoring decently with Rikki. Fortunately for you, it means you're in the running to be my Boy Toy. Don't ... Read more

Rikki's Boy Toy

What the fuck? You do realize you were applying to become MY Boy Toy, don't you? Well, whether you realized it or not, you completely and utterly failed. Luckily, Rikki would be more than happy to ... Read more

Near Perfect Boy Toy

Like many others before you, and probably several after you've forgotten about this test's existence, you still failed to be the perfect Boy Toy. You are exactly what my girlfriend Rikki wants in a m... Read more

The Perfect Boy Toy

Finally! Someone made it to Perfect status. You are the best of the best, the very top of the top. Congratulations, you are a seriously considered applicant to be my Boy Toy. I hope you're willing... Read more

RJ's Pet

You are definately not Boy Toy material. In fact, you're either a girl, or you're so close to being a girl you shouldn't even be taking this test. You matched decently with my girlfriend, RJ, and unl... Read more


I don't know how you managed to get this score, but somehow you did. You are one strange cookie. Unfortunately, this means that you don't qualify to be Boy Toy material. Read more

Flawed Boy Toy

You are perfect Boy Toy material, except for the fact that you were obviously cut from the cloth of "I love Dyke"... While many men share that belief, they often want to get laid at some point in thei... Read more

Lesbian Lover

You must find lesbians hot. You enjoy short hair, boyish clothing and appearance... Are you certain you want to be MY Boy Toy? Read more

Strange Pet

You would make one strange pet. The only thing I know about you for certain is that you are into chicks. Congrats, buddy. You aren't gay. Read more

Strange Boy Toy

You are definitely Boy Toy material. More than I can handle, probably. You love a wide variety of women, and I don't think I can deal with someone who has such low standards. Better luck next time. Read more

Harem Boy Toy

You're fit to be one of many toys, to be played with for a short time and discarded once you are no longer amusing. I'm not really sure what is wrong with you, but you can chat up a storm with Stayfu... Read more

Typical Boy Toy

You succeeded being someones Boy Toy. I'm not certain you're the one for me, however I can't foresee too many complications if you stick around. Maybe it'll work out in the end. Why don't you start... Read more

The Fluke

I don't know how you got here. Really. You defy every fiber of logic in my very logical body. But you managed to get this score, so you're Boy Toy material. You can chat me up, or you can seduce t... Read more

RJ's Boy Toy

You're fit to be the companion of a very, very gay lesbian. Congratulations, you won't be scoring with me, or my other bisexual companion. You are welcome to try and seduce my lesbian girlfriend if y... Read more

Toughie Boy Toy

Well... I don't know how to break it to you, but you're successful. You are Boy Toy material for my lesbian girlfriend, RJ. You scored decently with me, which earns you a couple brownie points, so I... Read more

Hairless Boy Toy

You must have absolutely no body hair. It's the only plausible explanation for this result even existing. In another world, you are the perfect Boy Toy. Unfortunately for you, in this world, RJ is ... Read more

Unlucky Boy Toy

You're really unlucky, aren't you? You must have answered all of the questions right, except for that one at the very beginning that asked you whether or not you were male. That one hurt your score ... Read more

Female "Boy" Toy

You can't be male. So, you must be a female, hence the title Female Boy Toy. Of course, you aren't a boy, so I suppose you're just a toy. And now that you've taken the test, I'm bored with you. Read more

Pot Smoking Boy Toy

You must do some mild form of drugs, and hence you are an almost perfect match with all three of us. Sadly, you failed to score well with one of the people that would truly make you Boy Toy material.... Read more

Lesbian Boy Toy

This doesn't even make any sense. You have to be a girl. But you have to have body hair. So you HAVE to be one hairy chick. I pity you, I really do... But that's just gross. Read more

Inconceivable BoyToy

I don't know how you got here, but you're the perfect man for a lesbian and an insane bisexual. You managed to miss the important one, me. I'm done with you now. Read more

Impossible Boy Toy

You are too good to be true. You are perfect in every way, which doesn't even make sense. Clearly, you hacked into the system and made it give you 100% with all of us so you could be the only candid... Read more

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