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How'd You do?!??!?! Here's How!

WOO!! So you have a good personality huh? And you are romantic right? Wow, you should send me a message immediately and show me what I am missing out on!! Hearts all the way hot stuff =D

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Personality Distribution

    They scored 89% on Personality, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • Romance Distribution

    They scored 78% on Romance, higher than 97% of your peers.

All possible test results

Too Bad, Sooo Sad ;)

Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) we don't seem to match up at all. You'll find someone who fits well with you but that person won't be me. You bombed. Read more


Personality: You aren't my type, really really aren't my type Romance: You're getting there. A bit more work and I'd consider you. Overall: Sorry, not close this time. Here's a nice fractal to look a... Read more


Personality: ewwww not so great. Romance: Getting there!! So you aren't the super romantic type, i'm sure you'd still be fun to be with. Overall: Not for me, sorry. Here's your prize...a fractal! ooo... Read more


Personality: ugh, not good, definitely not good Romance: damn, if it wasn't for your personality you'd be under consideration! Overall: close but no cigar. heres a heart, its black but it's a heart Read more


Personality: How did you score so low?! Romance: Ok you make no sense, you have an incredibly low personality but an extremely high romance level. weird Overall: Romance isn't the only thing to a rela... Read more

no thanks

Personality: Well you more personable than some people who took this test. Romance: ....you did bad in that department Overall: You've got almost half of it going for you. Almost doesnt count though ... Read more

close? no not really

Personality: You're climbing up the ladder a bit. Good for you! Romance: well at least your personality and romance levels are kind of balanced. Overall: Nice try. But sorry, you did poorly. you stil... Read more

closer, kind of

Personality: Keep trying Romance: Nice work. Focus on that flippin personality!! Overall: A bit more on romance and a lot more on personality and you'd be great!! have a fractal Read more

Nice Romance level

Personality: Ok, so about now i'm starting to get bored with these descriptions. You did poorly on personality Romance: this score was fairly good. You're under consideration at this point. You get a ... Read more

doo doo, eh

Personality: it's low, oh so low Romance: it's high!! very very high!! If the personality score was highed you would be awesome for me! heres a black heart, pretend its a better color Read more

good personality

Personality: Finally, someone who is higher on the personality staircase!! Romance: but low on the romance staircase?? aww too bad Overall: I guess you can't have the best of both worlds but at least ... Read more

Warming Up

Personality: You're almost balanced!! Romance: awww, closer to being the perfect mixture Overall: ah what the heck, send me a message. it's worth a try right? you get some flames...since you're gettin... Read more

Slowly getting there

Personality: acceptable. could be better Romance: also acceptable. Romance i'm a little less tough on since it can be difficult to be romantic Overall: nice job, have this heart. it's a bit blurly sin... Read more


Personality: It's going higher on the scale but isnt great Romance: I think if you're in this area you have a good about of romance to you. that's good Overall: You're probably about average so drop m... Read more

oo romantic huh?

Personality: average, i'm getting bored writing descriptions Romance: wow, the incredible amount of romance makes up for the average personality....kind of Overall: well since you are average and awes... Read more


Personality: woohoo! someone with a personality at last!! this is the 16th description i've written, a bit fried Romance: ahh thats too bad, i guess you can't have everything Overall: Great personalit... Read more


Personality: sooo you have a great personality romance: fairly good level of romance. overall: message me, i think i will like you. these flames are hot hot hot!!! Read more


personality: ...i think i'm starting to like you already romance: o yeah, you rock so far overall: if you havent gotten the hint, send me a message!! Read more


uhoh, do i see a somewhat balanced person?!?! definitely message me, get me further interested in you!!! now! go! stop reading! Read more

so awesome

i knew i'd find someone who had both a great personality and a sense of romance!! thats great for me...and you!! send me a message. c'mon you know you want to ;) Read more

getting there

well at least you are personable. work on the romance and message me when you think you've got it. at least the yellow guy's happy Read more


so you have a personality but arent the most romantic person. ah well, at least you've got a lot of one and a bit of the other Read more

i think i like you

personality: checks out, definitely checks out romance: i'd take it, overly romantic people might get a bit annoying eventually overall: message me if you want. i think i'd like you as a friend, maybe... Read more


WOO!! So you have a good personality huh? And you are romantic right? Wow, you should send me a message immediately and show me what I am missing out on!! Hearts all the way hot stuff =D Read more


WOW!! MESSAGE ME QUICKLY!!! you amaze me already. I want you, I want to know you, I want to laugh with you, I want you to laugh at me!! Great work. You should feel very proud of yourself, I know I am. Read more

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