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Cheng Shih

(1775-1844) You may have been a woman and a prostitute, but that did not stop you from becoming the most powerful pirate ever. At one time you commanded more than 1500 ships and 80,000 men. You destroyed the Chinese Navy and fended off the attempts of the Dutch and English to stop you. Finally you gave up the life, but were so powerful that you made the Chinese government accept your retirement by taking all the ships and men who wished to do so, and rebuilding their navy, giving full pardons to all, and getting a nice piece of land of your own to retire to.

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What were you thinking taking this test. I am surprised that the sight of a ship doesn't make you seasick. Get off the ship, move as far from the sea as possible before a real pirate finds you! Read more

Dread Pirate Roberts

You left to make your fortunes so that you and your sweet Buttercup could finally be together. By fate intervened in the form of the Dread Pirate Roberts. He would have killed you if it wasn't for t... Read more

John Rackam

John "Calico" Rackam (????-1720). You spent 4 successful years pirating, but are mostly known for adding the women Mary Read and Anne Bonney to your crew. Your nickname came from your love of wearin... Read more

Jack Sparrow

You have lost your ship, been marooned on an island and called the worst pirate ever. Yet you still seem to pull through no matter how insane everybody else thinks you are. You come across as almost... Read more

Sir Henry Morgan

(1635-1688) You did it all for the glory of England (and yourself). You rose through the ranks with dedication and daring. But when peace broke out, you continued to plunder the hated Spanish and c... Read more

Yellow Beard

Its all about being a pirate. You rape the Gold, kill the Women, and steal the men. Or is it rape the men, kill the gold, and steal the woman or something like that. Your proudest day in life will ... Read more

Cheng Shih

(1775-1844) You may have been a woman and a prostitute, but that did not stop you from becoming the most powerful pirate ever. At one time you commanded more than 1500 ships and 80,000 men. You des... Read more

Captain Barbossa

You wanted it all, wealth and power. First you mutiny and take the ship. Then you hunt down and find the treasure of a life time. Damn the curse. But now you suffer from it. Your lust cannot be s... Read more

Mary Read

(????-1720) You took to dressing as a boy to deceive your grandmother into giving you money out of necessity. This led to a life in the military and eventually to ship life. Your secret remained unt... Read more

John Hawkins

(1532-1595) You made a name is the slave trade and then turned your eye on the Spanish colonies all in the name of Queen and Country. You were dedicated to the throne to the point, you even turned ag... Read more

Captain William Kidd

(1645-1701) You were a loyal servant to the crown. Dutifully attacking your enemies and turning the spoil over to your country. But soon you got to liking the killing and plundering to much and bega... Read more

Anne Bonney

(1697-17??) You left your husband and children to take up the life of a sailor. Dressed as a man, you terrorized the hi seas with your love John Rackam. Your reputation for cruelty and violence bec... Read more

Sir Frances Drake

(1540-1596) You learned from Jack Hawkins to sail the seas and shared many exploits with him, smuggling goods into the Spanish colonies and raiding ships and towns that did not want to barter. This e... Read more

Batholomew Roberts

Batholomew "Black Bart" Roberts (1682-1722) Your adventures included capturing 22 ships at one time. You were educated, well groomed, sophisticated. You carried your own musicians onboard, never dr... Read more

Captain James Hook

Your love for wealth and power is matched only by your love of killing and torture. But no matter your best laid plans, you have the fly in the proverbial ointment in the form of a boy. You will go ... Read more

Black Beard

Edward "Black Beard" Teach (1680? - 1718). Your past is mostly unknown, but your final years made you the most notorious pirate of all time. Your frightening appearance and reputation for killing al... Read more

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