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Their result for The Sexuality Test ...

Straight !

You scored 0 gay, 63 straight, and 27 courious!

You like The oppistie sex ! Big titties (male) Big COCK (female) Or am I wrong >?

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • gay Distribution

    They scored 0% on gay, higher than 13% of your peers.

  • straight Distribution

    They scored 63% on straight, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • courious Distribution

    They scored 27% on courious, higher than 74% of your peers.

All possible test results

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You scored Zero DAmn you Read more

Your BI So bisexual

Need i say that You thinking about jim well having sex with sally? Read more

Straight !

You like The oppistie sex ! Big titties (male) Big COCK (female) Or am I wrong ? Read more

Confused Are You

I'll be honest If Your straight Your not very good at it no is the time to change ! Read more


You homosexual you Ive found You Excellent Read more

Curiously Gay

Your leaning toward gay But your still curious about the oppiste sex Try it What have you got to lose? Read more

This is BAD

Straight and gay cant compute ! Take test again DONT SKIP ANY QUESTIONS Read more

Oh my

Your BIsexual! Wait to go The grass is greener on everyside of the fence ! Read more

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