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Holistic Mission - A Profile of Mission and Evangelism in the Anglican Communion


Prior to her retirement in 2006, Marjorie Murphy, Director of Mission and Evangelism in the Anglican Communion, initiated a consultation among Primates and members of the Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME) as to the current state and future direction of Mission in the Communion. The clear message we received was that a survey of Mission and Evangelism in the Anglican Communion should be undertaken, and its findings presented to the Bishops at the Lambeth Conference. Part of the discussion there should include ways in which mission should be resourced from this Office. This report is the fruit of that work undertaken by Revd John Kafwanka (Zambia), who was until recently CMS Southern Africa Regional Manager, and his research assistant Stuart Buchanan.

A survey questionnaire was prepared, and was first given to all the Primates who attended the Primates’ Meeting in Dar e Salaam (Tanzania) in February 2007. The same questionnaire was sent to all the Provincial Secretaries of the Communion, and several interviews were also carried out with bishops and Christians in the Communion. It emphasised the department of Mission & Evangelism’s holistic understanding of mission, and called for responses that expressed or reflected how the concerned provinces, dioceses and organisation were living out God’s (holistic) mission. The survey has highlighted the holistic nature of the Anglican Communion’s understanding of mission as reflected in the Five Marks of Mission. The survey report has creatively analysed the responses in the context of these Five Marks.

The report also shares some of the challenges being faced by the various parts of the Communion and equally shares some of the lessons being learnt as Anglicans live out God’s mission in the world.

As you read this report, you will not fail to be impressed by the diverse and wide range of concerns being addressed by the churches of our Communion. I hope you will also recognise the voice of your own province here. Please do give this important work your time and attention, and share it with all who share responsibility for mission in your province and diocese.

The Revd Canon Kenneth Kearon, Secretary General, Anglican Communion

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  • SouthernBaptist Distribution

    They scored 20% on SouthernBaptist, higher than 23% of your peers.

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    They scored 40% on AmericanBaptist, higher than 40% of your peers.

  • Lutheran Distribution

    They scored 75% on Lutheran, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • Catholic Distribution

    They scored 50% on Catholic, higher than 62% of your peers.

  • Presbytarian Distribution

    They scored 33% on Presbytarian, higher than 45% of your peers.

  • AssembliesofGod Distribution

    They scored 0% on AssembliesofGod, higher than 23% of your peers.

  • Anglican Distribution

    They scored 100% on Anglican, higher than 73% of your peers.

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