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Yeah, that sounds just about right.

So. Many. Colours!

You've met someone really special a few days ago, and ever since, your life has become weird and wonderful. You might have been just a normal mortal, but it's much more likely that you were attractive to Changelings for some reason - maybe you have great artistic talent, or were extremely happy. Maybe you just look ~real~ good. Whatever the case, it's very unlikely that you were ever a boring person.

The world is now full of new possibilities and beautiful experiences. Be wary, though. It's easy to lose track of your life when enchanted - try to keep a grip on the important facts. You'll also forget all about it when it's over, though, so grab this time of your life for all you can.

And remember - changelings aren't all nice and cuddly.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Joy Distribution

    They scored 30% on Joy, higher than 96% of your peers.

  • Power Distribution

    They scored 15% on Power, higher than 24% of your peers.

  • Tech Distribution

    They scored 8% on Tech, higher than 46% of your peers.

  • Dominance Distribution

    They scored -3% on Dominance, higher than 9% of your peers.

All possible test results


Mmm... Vanilla flavoured mortal. Amongst all the supernatural beings running around the place, it's easy to forget that the World of Darkness has its share of plain mortals. Mortals, however, ... Read more


Mysterious. Misunderstood. Mistaken for regular vampires. You're a Cathayan, which is rather like a vampire, only with a whole lot of differences. Steeped in traditions and beliefs that may see... Read more

Autumn Person

Serious. Sane. Strict. So, so boring. You're an Autumn Person. On the good side of things, you're probably reliable, logical and methodical. You're probably very good at organizing things and i... Read more

Neonate Vampire

You're going to live forever! That is, if you make it through the upcoming years, which are going to be rough, tough - and full of delicious blood. You're a neonate vampire, freshly embraced an... Read more


Yes, mistress. Whatever you say. You're a Ghoul, a regular mortal that has tasted vampire blood. This means you're bound to that vampire. It's possible that you're likely to develop very unheal... Read more

Elder Vampire

Bah, electricity is just a phase. They'll grow out of it eventually. You're a vampire Elder - cunning, powerful and highly manipulative. No one survives as long as you in the World of Darkness ... Read more


Ooo... Spooky. In the World of Darkness, you're already dead. But that doesn't mean you can't join in on the fun! Being a wraith means you have a lot of pent-up emotions, which can be a powerf... Read more


0101 1001 0110 0001 0111 1001 0010 0001 Welcome to the Technocracy. You must be really good at something like biology, or physics, or computer engineering. Or maybe you just wish you were, and ... Read more


So. Many. Colours! You've met someone really special a few days ago, and ever since, your life has become weird and wonderful. You might have been just a normal mortal, but it's much more like... Read more


Fox? Raven? Monitor Lizard? Who knows! It seems you're a member of any number of strange, shape-shifty creatures in the World of Darkness that are not Garou. Feel free to choose which ever anim... Read more


Grandma, why are your teeth so big? That's because grandma is a werewolf. Maybe mum is too. You, however, were born human. With some perks. You're probably very energetic and happy, finding you... Read more


Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. And the flamethrower. And two dozen stakes, the crossbow, the silver knife and the iron bar. You're a hunter - a mortal imbued with supernatural powers ... Read more


So very glamourous. You're a changeling, an Arcadian trapped within a human body, living a double life. Attuned to the dreaming, you're probably a creative, joyful spirit. Joy takes many forms,... Read more


Fierce. Proud. Wise. Slowly going extinct. You're Garou, the last line of defense before Mother Earth is destroyed. You have a strong connection to the world, especially nature, and you do not ... Read more


Mortal, with a twist. You belong to one of the various groups of mages who live and work in the World of Darkness. You bend reality to your will on a daily basis, and strive to continue and imp... Read more

Master Mage

Powerful. Eerie. But... not really around, unfortunately. You're a Master Mage - mortal, but with the ability to influence reality to suit your needs and desires. And you're very, very good at ... Read more

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