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You scored 45 fearless, 40 cunning, and 80 dirtyhanded!

Simply put, you are weak and stupid. You are certainly not worthy of the Corleone name. You let Moe Green bitch slap you around, and have your >younger< brother run things while you poorly manage a brothel. You are a cowardly weasel that would not only rat, but set up your own brother to be killed to get ahead. You are dirty-handed and a backstabber. You use people like kleenex -anything for a quick buck. You have few if any redeeming qualities, and are a major liability to any crime family (including the Manson family) since you would also probably sing like a canary. Heck, even Scott Baio in Bugsy Malone could kick your ass. You are barely worth the bullet to get rid of you! (By the way, if you think you were smart by not answering any of the questions, you still deserve this category for being indecisive just like Fredo often is in tough situations!) *similar characters- Jimmy the Squeeler from The Simpsons, James Woods in Casino

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • fearless Distribution

    They scored 45% on fearless, higher than 44% of your peers.

  • cunning Distribution

    They scored 40% on cunning, higher than 7% of your peers.

  • dirtyhanded Distribution

    They scored 80% on dirtyhanded, higher than 100% of your peers.

All possible test results


Simply put, you are weak and stupid. You are certainly not worthy of the Corleone name. You let Moe Green bitch slap you around, and have your younger brother run things while you poorly manage a br... Read more

Robert DeNiro

Whether it is as the younger Vito Corleone, or as Sam "Ace" Rothstein in the movie Casino, or in Goodfellas, DeNiro tends to play tough guys, but with smarts. He prefers to do things quietly, but will... Read more

Michael Corleone

You are smart as a fox, and with teeth to back it up. You are one step ahead of things, and can read people like a book. You have icewater for blood, and can disect situations as a master logician. Yo... Read more

Vito Corleone

You ARE the Don. No one has better negotiation skills than you. People not only fear, but respect you. You weild power better than most heads of state. You also know when and how to use that power. Yo... Read more

James Cagney

"TOP OF THE WORLD, MA!" You are definitely hard as nails, possibly psychotic, and can shoot your way thru a small army. Heck, anyone who puts Bogart six feet under in ,not one, but two films must be t... Read more

Peter Lorre

Although he often plays a shifty character, they are certainly not dumb. They tend to be persuasive and resourceful. Still, although he often holds his own, he is sometimes easily overcome, especially... Read more

Edward G. Robinson

As Johnny Rocco in Key Largo or as Rico in Little Caesar(1930, the first major gangster film), you definitely can lead a group of thugs. You have charisma and the know-how. You can even be menacing at... Read more

Category 8

Description 8 Read more

Sonny Corleone

No doubt people dont want to cross you. You don't even need a weapon- you just kick the crap out of them! You have some smarts, but your judgement often gets clouded by your emotions. You are not only... Read more

Joe Pesci

Whether it is in Goodfellas, Casino or the like, Pesci characters are usually pretty menacing to behold. They call their own shots. Although they are often hot-headed, they are not stupid. They are al... Read more

Category 11

Description 11 Read more

Category 12

Description 12 Read more

Tony Montana

"First, you get the money. Then you get the power. Then you get the women..that is why you got to make your own moves..." You are the ultimate in macho gangsters. You make you moves your own way. You ... Read more

Category 14

Description 14 Read more

Category 15

Description 15 Read more

Category 16

Description 16 Read more

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