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Their result for The Animal Archetype Test ...

The Frog

Wild, Solitary, Serious and Emotional: you are the Frog! Sensitivity, regeneration, renewal. In many cultures, frogs are a strong symbol of luck and wealth. Frog medicine teaches the power of transforming oneself, a natural path of change that occurs over a lifetime. Frog is also a symbol of femininity and fertility, and natural healing. Frog people tend to be pleasant, positive, and well in-tune with the energies around them.

This test categorized you based on four different axes of personality, which were then associated with a different animal. The four axes, as well as all possible results are explained below.

Wild/Domestic: This first axis categorizes you based on how much you are drawn to the outdoors, versus how much you are drawn to civilized situations. Domesticity has many shapes and forms, and varies from the joy of dolphins leaping next to a ship to the steadfast loyalty of a family dog.

Gregarious/Solitary: This axis measures how solitary you are. If you scored high, it means that you enjoy the company of other people, while a low score indicates that you prefer a more solitary lifestyle.

Trickster/Serious: This axis measures how well you line up with conventional trickster archetypes. People who fall into this archetype have a sense of humor and an excitable, highly chaotic streak. Scoring low doesn't mean that you don't have a sense of humor; it just means that you probably don't think dynamite is very funny.

Intellectual/Emotional: This last axis determines whether you are more emotional -- acting based on feelings and instinct, or rational and intelectual -- acting more on thought than on your gut feelings.

WildGregariousTricksterIntellectualThe Hyena
WildGregariousTricksterEmotionalThe Otter
WildGregariousSeriousIntellectualThe Antelope
WildGregariousSeriousEmotionalThe Wolf
WildSolitaryTricksterIntellectualThe Weasel
WildSolitaryTricksterEmotionalThe Coyote
WildSolitarySeriousIntellectualThe Raven
WildSolitarySeriousEmotionalThe Frog
DomesticGregariousTricksterIntellectualThe Fox
DomesticGregariousTricksterEmotionalThe Dolphin
DomesticGregariousSeriousIntellectualThe Horse
DomesticGregariousSeriousEmotionalThe Dog
DomesticSolitaryTricksterIntellectualThe Rat
DomesticSolitaryTricksterEmotionalThe Ferret
DomesticSolitarySeriousIntellectualThe Cat
DomesticSolitarySeriousEmotionalThe Squirrel

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • domestic Distribution

    They scored 47% on domestic, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • gregarious Distribution

    They scored 18% on gregarious, higher than 10% of your peers.

  • trickster Distribution

    They scored 39% on trickster, higher than 68% of your peers.

  • intellect Distribution

    They scored 47% on intellect, higher than 36% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Frog

Wild, Solitary, Serious and Emotional: you are the Frog! Sensitivity, regeneration, renewal. In many cultures, frogs are a strong symbol of luck and wealth. Frog medicine teaches the power of transfo... Read more

The Raven

Wild, Solitary, Serious and Intellectual: you are the Raven! Raven is a strong symbol of both creation and destruction. Wisdom through intelligence, observation, and challenge. Raven is strongly tied... Read more

The Coyote

Wild, Solitary, Emotional Trickster: you are the Coyote! Coyote is a complex symbol of humor, cunning, and survival. Coyote is often portrayed as the ‘wise fool’, helping people to see the ... Read more

The Weasel

Wild, Solitary, Intellectual Trickster: you are the Weasel! Stealth, energy, curiousity. Paying attention to your own intuition, being able to see the true intent behind words and actions. Weasel peo... Read more

The Wolf

Wild, Gregarious, Serious and Emotional: you are the Wolf! Wolf people tend to revere individualism, but retain a predominant sense of family. Wolf represents all aspects of sociability, and the need... Read more

The Antelope

Wild, Gregarious, Serious and Intellectual: you are the Antelope! Action, Speed, Adaptability of the Mind. Antelope teaches survival, how to avoid indiscriminate destruction of life. The Antelope sig... Read more

The Otter

Wild, Gregarious, Emotional Trickster: you are the Otter! Playful, capricious, active. Otter people are often very lighthearted, playful people who are naturally joyful. During rough times, otter peo... Read more

The Hyena

Wild, Gregarious, Intellectual Trickster: you are the Hyena! Hyena people tend to have a good sense of humor and do not take themselves too seriously. The hyena is a symbol of integration and balance... Read more

The Squirrel

Domestic, Solitary, Serious, Emotional: you are the Squirrel! Squirrel people tend to be organized, thrifty, prepared for anything, slightly obsessive. Squirrel medicine teaches the benefit of good p... Read more

The Cat

Domestic, Solitary, Serious, Intelectual: you are the Cat! Cat represents a balance of strength in both physical and spiritual, psychic and sensual powers, merging these two worlds into one. Curious,... Read more

The Ferret

Domestic, Solitary, Emotional Trickster: you are the Ferret! Curious, mischievous, high-energy. Ferret people are often playful spirits with a calculating mind. Ferret medicine teaches resourcefulnes... Read more

The Rat

Domestic, Solitary, Intelectual Trickster: you are the Rat! Ambitious and adaptable. Rat people tend to be creative, intelligent, impulsive, and ostentatious. Rat medicine teaches interest, involveme... Read more

The Dog

Domestic, Gregarious, Serious and Emtional: you are the Dog! Companionship, loyalty, protection. Dog medicine can often teach us how to be a good friend, the power of forgiveness, and how to love unc... Read more

The Horse

Domestic, Gregarious, Serious and Intellectual: you are the Horse! Emotional intelligence, freedom, wisdom. Horse people often find a happy balance between strong social and family ties and a fiercel... Read more

The Dolphin

Domestic, Gregarious, Emotional Trickster: you are the Dolphin! Communication, intelligence, emotion. Dolphin people tend to be sociable, playful, and kind. Dolphin medicine teaches people to be moti... Read more

The Fox

Domestic, Gregarious, Intellectual Trickster: You are the Fox! Patience, wisdom, intelligence, adaptability. Fox people can be high strung or exceedingly calm, charismatic or mysterious, prone to sta... Read more

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