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The Fence Rider

You're the type of leader that tries to do a little bit of everything and please every faction. With no set style or political agenda, you leave yourself open to a lot of manipulation by people be... Read more

Corrupt Theocracy

Yes, you rule the people with an iron fist... but that fist is hidden beneath a velvet glove. You take your people for everything they've got, and what better way to do that then through the guise... Read more

People's Champion

When the government fears the people, we have democracy. When the people fear the government, we have tyranny. You take this mantra to heart, working for the empowerment of the private citizen, e... Read more

Category 4

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Totalitarian Warlord

Your enemies tremble at your passing, and your citizens live every day in fear. You have no morals, and you see to it that the strong survive at any cost... unless they oppose you, of course... or... Read more

Category 6

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Category 8

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The Wise Caretaker

The happiness and well-being of your people is the sole reason for your existence. Every waking moment is dedicated to the betterment of the populace. You abhore war and promote peace wherever yo... Read more

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Category 16

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