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You lack depth, but you're really a good person, despite the shallowness. Use some oxygen, but save some for me. Recommended activity: crossing guard.

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My goodness. You're stupid AND you're useless. You're definitely not worthy of any oxygen. Go away now. Recommended activity for you: bungee jumping without the cord. Read more


You're not very bright and your life's not really going anywhere. Really, there's not much hope for you intellecutally, but if you work on it, you may be useful to society one day. That's a goal to st... Read more

Ignorant & Blissful

You're a help to society and I still want you around, even though there's not an intelligent thought in your pretty little head. Feel free to use all the oxygen you want but please don't talk to me. R... Read more


There's no way anybody as stupid as you could be such a nice person and not get taken advantage of. You're a saint, really, but watch your back. You get lots of oxygen. Recommended activity: self-defe... Read more

Lazy Ass

You're an average slacker. You do absolutely nothing for anyone else yet you don't have mental retardation to justify it. You'll probably die from some of that stuff you've been smoking. No oxygen for... Read more

Average Joe

Not interesting yet not stupid. Not helpful, yet not hurtful. You, my Average Joe, have the capacity to throw your life down the tubes or to climb up to be something nice, for once. Recommended activi... Read more


You lack depth, but you're really a good person, despite the shallowness. Use some oxygen, but save some for me. Recommended activity: crossing guard. Read more


You're far from helpless, yet you're not the brightest fish in the sea. You're so focused on helping everyone else and bringing great things to the world that I respect you for it, and you may help yo... Read more

Shameful One

You know better than to live like this. What is wrong with you? It's worse than just being an idiot, because you're bright enough to do better. No oxygen until you clean up your act. Recommended activ... Read more


You know up from down as well as right from wrong. You just don't seem to care quite so much about the right from wrong part. Take one deep breath of oxygen and use it to come up with a few ways to br... Read more

Nice Person

You're a nice person. You're smart. You're friendly. Good to have around. You're no saint, but most of us aren't. Good job. Have some oxygen. Recommended activity: Go buy yourself something as nice as... Read more

The Nurse

You're a bright person always flocking out to help others. You definitely deserve your oxygen plus some extra. We need more people liek you around. Recommended activity: sleep in. Read more

The Manipulator

You're the Hannibal Lechter of my world. You're brilliant as hell and you've got the entire world revolving around you to prove it. You piss me off. No more oxygen. Recommended activity: Grow up alrea... Read more

In A Rut

You've got the smarts to make your way through this world and you've put forth some effort. Somewhere along the way, you ran into some obstacles that have stopped you from making the best of yourself.... Read more


How you do it is beyond me. You give more than you could ever receive. Don't people ever drive you nuts? Have all the oxygen you want... you're a better person than I am. Recommended activity: you'd k... Read more


Either you're a liar or you're absolutely perfect. Who am I to judge you? Read more

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