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Mediterranean Cruise

You scored 84% culture, 58% social, 41% activity, and 33% adventure!

So you appreciate exploring other cultures but prefer to do it with minimal stress. Since you are more of a people person (though you don't have to be) you will really enjoy making new friends on a trip like this. There are many advantages to taking a cruise, and yes, young people go all the time. The idea that cruises are for grandparents is outdated and simply wrong. There are so many different kinds of things to do that you will keep bumping into those who share your interests. On a cruise you are with the same bunch for the entire trip, so relationships form easily. If your ship has reserved seating for meals, request a large table so that you can get to know lots of people - they tend to seat people together from the same age bracket. Cruises are great because you stop at several destinations without the bother of packing and unpacking every day. Another place you may want to explore would be the Baltic Sea to visit northern Europe, which is gorgeous (beyond words) and the locals are incredibly friendly. While many cruises offer formal excursions, you will find it much cheaper to rent a car or taxi for the day (perhaps with a couple fellow cruisers) and see things on your own. If you had fun dreaming about where you might go, don't forget to rate my test. Thanks!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • culture Distribution

    They scored 84% on culture, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • social Distribution

    They scored 58% on social, higher than 86% of your peers.

  • activity Distribution

    They scored 41% on activity, higher than 47% of your peers.

  • adventure Distribution

    They scored 33% on adventure, higher than 22% of your peers.

All possible test results

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Rocky Mountains

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Great Barrier Reef

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Caribbean Cruise

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Galapagos Islands

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Windjammer Cruise

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Outback tour

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Train through Europe

A train trip through Europe is a fantastic way to enrich yourself with many different cultures within a relatively short distance. The train service in Europe is out of this world and almost always o... Read more

Thai Resort

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Explore the Alps

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Machu Picchu, Peru

So you want to find a trip that combines a rich cultural experience with an adventure that's out of this world. Well, Machu Picchu is about as close to "out of this world" you can get to without actu... Read more

Mediterranean Cruise

So you appreciate exploring other cultures but prefer to do it with minimal stress. Since you are more of a people person (though you don't have to be) you will really enjoy making new friends on a t... Read more

Bus Tour Egypt/China

...or South America - you get the point. A bus tour can be great because you are with the same group of people for the whole tour, so relationships form very easily. If you are 18-35 years old, cons... Read more

Bike Tour in Europe

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Extreme Japan

You want it all. The great thing is, in the Land of the Rising Sun, you can HAVE it all. Japan has a rich culture that goes back thousands of years. But did you know that along with enriching your m... Read more

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