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Their result for The Final Fantasy Character Test ...


You are 0% Fighter, 50% Red Mage, 33% Black Mage, and 21% Theif!

You are a very balanced player and no major character stands out in your scoring.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Fighter Distribution

    They scored 0% on Fighter, higher than 17% of your peers.

  • Red Mage Distribution

    They scored 50% on Red Mage, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • Black Mage Distribution

    They scored 33% on Black Mage, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • Theif Distribution

    They scored 21% on Theif, higher than 54% of your peers.

All possible test results


You are a very balanced player and no major character stands out in your scoring. Read more


Cunning, artful, fast-footed, greedy, politely evil. You like your gil and you will do whatever it takes to get more. Read more

Black mage

Someone has a heart of pure evil and does not care that every time they cast a Hadokin the divorce rate sky-rockets. All that matters is saving your own ass and attempting to get a piece of White-Mage... Read more

Category 4

Description 4 Read more

Red Mage

Your motto is there is no problem that a good plan can't fix. By balancing your character sheet and making sure that you maximum versatility is always met, you will surely come out ahead. Read more

Category 6

Description 6 Read more

Category 7

Description 7 Read more

Category 8

Description 8 Read more


Everyone loves a meat shield, just no one likes talking to one. Keep your toes ready and your shield up, your going to need it. Read more

Category 10

Description 10 Read more

Category 11

Description 11 Read more

Category 12

Description 12 Read more

Category 13

Description 13 Read more

Category 14

Description 14 Read more

Category 15

Description 15 Read more

Category 16

Description 16 Read more

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