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You like unusual, modern-sounding, shiny-happy names. Unlike the kre8tyve namers, you aren't trying to impress. Maybe you just don't know how to spell, name the kid the first thing that pops into your head, or something that came to you in a dream after ingesting an interesting combination of painkillers and tranquilizers. The good thing about these names is that they keep the folks over at www.bigbadbabyname.com entertained, and will bring smiles to insurance adjusters and telemarketers for years afterwards. On the bright side, the kids in the Zappa and Phoenix families seem to have done well for themselves, and their unusual names seem to have made them more memorable. Other catagories with names you might like are: Kre8tyve, Fantasy, Androgynous, Popular The naming style most unlike yours is Old-Fashioned. You probably think Old Fashioned names are boring, or remind you of elderly relatives. It's not likely you'll find many names to agree on with somone who has that naming style.

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You like unusual, modern-sounding, shiny-happy names. Unlike the kre8tyve namers, you aren't trying to impress. Maybe you just don't know how to spell, name the kid the first thing that pops into your... Read more


You like uncommon, fresh-sounding names that still aren't too weird and have a foot firmly on the ground. Using a boyish name for a girl, or a name that's been slipping into androgyny for a boy sound... Read more


You like uncommon, unfamiliar, creative names that seem sparkley and happy. Maybe you like a popular name, but plan to spell it differently, so instead of being Emily and having a quiet, ordinary life... Read more


You like uncommon, new-sounding names, that have creative flair, but still seem to have some meaning or history behind them. Maybe you like names from Mythology, or books such as Lord Of The Rings, o... Read more


You like uncommon names, that still seem familiar, not too weird, and special in a good way, like something you read in a book, or maybe a favorite character in a movie. While you've never heard the n... Read more

Exotic Traditional

You like uncommon, traditional, real, names with history behind them. Some people will think you made the name up, and you'll have to be willing to give impromtu history lessons, but at least your kid... Read more

Weird Magic

You like uncommon, familiar, creative names that still seem shiny. Like an Apple, or a Diamond. The words are familiar, but used as names, it's new, and different. Place names might also appeal to you... Read more


You like uncommon, traditional names that have a definate flair, but still have roots in reality. Like Ethnic names. Maybe you've done research and found out that your grandfather only became Bob Smit... Read more

Prince or Princess

You like common names with a bit of magic and a sprinkle of sparkly fairy dust. They might be very old-fashioned, or made-up, you don't care as long as it sounds pretty/handsome.Many of your favorite ... Read more


You like common names that sound up-to-date, but not weird, and you like them to feel real. So, look in the Bible. Even some of the more obscure Biblical names are coming into wider use, so little El... Read more


You like common, modern-sounding names that strike you as creative, and seem happy, like Madison, Aiden, Kayla, and Tyler. It's possible that you've liked this name for ages, and will be shocked when ... Read more

New Classics

You like common, modern-sounding names, that have some flair but still feel down to earth, like Karen, Jeremy, Brendan and Melissa. They've been around for a couple generations, so they don't sound w... Read more


You like common, modern-sounding names, that are perky and happy but don't sound the slightest bit weird to anyone, like Jacob, Emily, Ethan, Hannah, Zachary, Emma and Abigail. While these names are r... Read more


You like common, traditional names that are solid and down to earth. Some people might even call them boring, but they're fine names that have stood the test of time. In the book The Baby Name Wiza... Read more


You like common, traditional names, with a bit of a twist and a light, happy feel. like Lily, Jack, Cindy and Mike. You might be naming your baby after someone. At very least, you've known a few peopl... Read more


You like common, familiar names with a firm grounding in tradition, that still have a bit of flair to them. Maybe it's a traditonal name in your family, or a favorite historical figure. These are name... Read more

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