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Their result for The Let Me Guess Your Sign Test! ...


62 Sagittarius, 42 Capricorn, 30 Aries, 48 Cancer, 41 Leo, 33 Taurus, 62 Gemini, 48 Scorpio, 44 Libra, 68 Aquarius, 33 Pisces and 48 Virgo!



Aquarians are interesting and attractive people. They can be shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; or enthusiastic and lively with a tendency to be exhibitionists. Both types are strong willed and forceful in their own way. Very opinionated with strong convictions, they fight for what they believe in. They will argue vehemently for what they believe to be true, however, if you can show them facts to the contrary, they have little trouble altering their opinion. air.gifThese are farsighted people with an eye and ear to the new and innovative. They are generally without prejudice and quite tolerant of the point of view of others. They have an interesting side to their nature that allows them to see a valid argument even when they disagree with it. They are quite objective folk and never get waylaid by being too close to an issue or person.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Sagittarius Distribution

    They scored 62% on Sagittarius, higher than 86% of your peers.

  • Capricorn Distribution

    They scored 42% on Capricorn, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Aries Distribution

    They scored 30% on Aries, higher than 2% of your peers.

  • Cancer Distribution

    They scored 48% on Cancer, higher than 15% of your peers.

  • Leo Distribution

    They scored 41% on Leo, higher than 18% of your peers.

  • Taurus Distribution

    They scored 33% on Taurus, higher than 9% of your peers.

  • Gemini Distribution

    They scored 62% on Gemini, higher than 82% of your peers.

  • Scorpio Distribution

    They scored 48% on Scorpio, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • Libra Distribution

    They scored 44% on Libra, higher than 22% of your peers.

  • Aquarius Distribution

    They scored 68% on Aquarius, higher than 96% of your peers.

  • Pisces Distribution

    They scored 33% on Pisces, higher than 8% of your peers.

  • Virgo Distribution

    They scored 48% on Virgo, higher than 20% of your peers.

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