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You know a startling amount about Angel and his crew given how little time you've been around them.

Maybe you are a good guesser, but it's more likely that you were given intelligence about everyone from the Senior Partners. Plus, you have the whole cute factor working for you, so that certainly managed to get you into a certain CEO's pants (gaining a little more knowledge as well).

Since your future doesn't look too bright anyways, you could always reform your ways and try to actually join Angel's crew. Just pay attention to the conscience (we hope) you have now since you've become mortal.

Don't know who this character is? Check out all of season 5.

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I stand in awe. You didn't answer a single question completely correctly! Do you know what the odds of that are? About the same as being the snitch that not only does Angel tort... Read more


Joss (Whedon, the creator of the show, you know, his name is in the credits of every episode) once said, in response to a question about what happens after the final episode of Angel, "Gunn dies, Ange... Read more


"But, wait!" you say, "Willow wasn't on Angel!" Actually, she was. And if you'd seen more episodes you would know that. On the plus side, she looked pretty hot in those guest appearances. So... Read more


You know what's up. You've been introduced to all the main players. You've gotten the general gist of what's been goin' on with the crew. Well, not really. Between fighting and being in coma... Read more

Kate Lockley

Detective Kate Lockley, you were laconic and cynical... at first. You were around for a couple of seasons... mostly. But you never really took the time to get to know anyone besides An... Read more

Marcus Hamilton

Cool, articulate, and extremely well dressed, you were introduced to the show right as it was going off the air. Endowed with power from the Senior Partners you may have gained some intelligen... Read more

Electric Gwen

Electric Gwen you are one hot mama.... literally. Like when you get struck by lightening or start small electric fires. I guess that's the sort of thing that keeps you from making friends, eh?... Read more


You may not have had langorous conversations with everyone at AI, but you know enough about human nature to pretty much have them figured out. Angelus, on the other hand, you know very well. Yo... Read more

The Groosalugg

Ah, Groosalugg Beast, you are a fine warrior. You ran your kingdom well (before being deposed), and crossed dimensions to find your princess. You lived and worked with the crew for a couple of... Read more


You were around for what many fans consider the best season of Angel (plus short visit a bit earlier). You worked really hard by the crew day in and day out, but they never really trust... Read more


You know a startling amount about Angel and his crew given how little time you've been around them. Maybe you are a good guesser, but it's more likely that you were given intelligence about ev... Read more


You learned quite a bit about Angel and his friends- mostly so you could get away with killing your father. Since you were only a little over two and a half years old when the show ended, we c... Read more


You tried damn hard to not learn anything about the ponce and his Angel's Avengers, or whatever they call themselves. But Charlie Boy was too damn cool, Fred was such a sweetheart, and Blue, well- she... Read more

Lindsey McDonald

You worked to bring down Angel for years. Watching him ruin client after client, plan after plan. But you didn't let those opportunities go to waste. You studied your enemy closely. Learned as much as... Read more

Lilah Morgan

Lilah Morgan, you are one slippery snake. You've been around from the first season, and you know quite a bit about Angel and his friends. Of course, joining forces with them was never your plan. It wa... Read more


Cupcake! You are one sweet pastry that Angelcakes just loves having around! Mostly so you can do the dirty work of reading people's minds and using all of your sources so Angel can be the champion ano... Read more


Freddikens! You were a part of the crew one hundred percent! Except for when you were still sort of crazy from being in a hell dimension where humans are cows. And for that time when you were... Read more


You are a part of the crew. Of that, there's no doubt. You didn't join on some whim, either. You believe in the mission. That's what made you stay with Angel all these years. Of course, you h... Read more


You're essential. You're the heart of the operation, the champion's seer, the one who kept Angel on track when even he lost his way. You were on the very first episode, but you weren't on the ... Read more


Where would the show be without you? Sure, there was that period of isolation, but you still watched the crew, knew their every move. And you still worked to fight evil, when you weren't hav... Read more


Yep, you da man. You're the champion. You are the very reason for the show existing. And you know all about it. Didn't get a single question wrong. Damn. You're good. You're also a sel... Read more

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