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Dead Houseplant

Nightmare scales: Panic: 44%. Dread: 75%. Lampreys: 56%.

You are the DEAD HOUSEPLANT. Force-grown, bought on a whim in a vague attempt to make the place nicer, and then either ignored, poisoned, or starved to death by the darkness of the room. To add insult to injury, you're headed straight for the landfill in a polyethylene bag-- you're not even going to ROT the way nature intended.

SEEK: people who think they'll be happier themselves if they can make someone else happy. (They're usually wrong-- but they're often good cooks, and can be persuaded to wear very interesting costumes to bed. Just DON'T SIGN ANYTHING.) AVOID: anyone with pets that are afraid to look them in the eye.

Links to all the VPI categories: Curious Bloodstain, Cuckoo's Nestmate, Meaningless Advice, Second From the Left, Quiet Horror, Naked Mole Rat, Iceberg Hidden in the Fog, Incomplete Tarot Deck, Dead Houseplant, Mistuned TV, Burned Out, Zombie Flamingo, Nurse Shark, Paper Cup, Lamprey, Pyroclastic Flow, Cassandra, Sphinx, Futility, Coleocanth, The Star! (MV), Swamp Island, PANIC!!1!, Lone Freeway Shoe, Bad Tattoo, Unnecessary Heimlich Maneuver, Illegible Warning.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • panic Distribution

    They scored 44% on panic, higher than 29% of your peers.

  • dread Distribution

    They scored 75% on dread, higher than 98% of your peers.

  • lampreys Distribution

    They scored 56% on lampreys, higher than 71% of your peers.

All possible test results

Curious Bloodstain

You are the CURIOUS BLOODSTAIN. Nobody knows where the hell you came from-- and they're ignoring you because they're afraid to find out how you got there. Also, you don't go with the couch AT ALL... Read more

Cuckoo's Nestmate

You are the CUCKOO'S NESTMATE. The bird next to you pretending to be your brother is getting all the food, and you're about to be squashed. SEEK: to get the hell away from those charming fr... Read more

Meaningless Advice

You are MEANINGLESS ADVICE. You are the I Ching hexagram with all the lines moving and half the pages gone from the book. You are the answer "Soda water will get that out" to the question of "Wha... Read more

Second From The Left

You are THE SECOND FROM THE LEFT. Someday, someone is going to hand someone else a photograph, and say, "Notice anything?" There will be noncomprehension until he says, "Second from the left"-- a... Read more

Quiet Horror

You are QUIET HORROR. Inasmuch as you have a personality at all, you're the one watching the boa constrictor sliding up their body and vaguely wondering whether being digested is going to hurt wor... Read more

Naked Mole Rat

You are the NAKED MOLE RAT. You're either going to be a drone, or you're going to spend a lot of time whelping pups-- no in between for you. Also, when you're naked, you're really naked. ... Read more

Iceberg In Fog

You are the ICEBERG HIDDEN IN THE FOG. Disaster waiting to strike-- no way to know when or how. Still, note that while some icebergs do occasionally sink ships dramatically, it is the fate of all... Read more

Incomplete Tarot

You are the INCOMPLETE TAROT DECK. Specifically, you're missing two of the Major Arcana and four or five Cups, including the Ace and Queen. You are capable of astounding insights that happen to b... Read more

Dead Houseplant

You are the DEAD HOUSEPLANT. Force-grown, bought on a whim in a vague attempt to make the place nicer, and then either ignored, poisoned, or starved to death by the darkness of the room. To add i... Read more

Mistuned TV

You are the MISTUNED TELEVISION. Nothing but static and the faint echo of a game show in a language nobody understands. God is trying to speak through you, but your rabbit ears done gone deef./p... Read more

Burned Out

You are BURNED OUT. Inasmuch as you have any personality at all, it's totally irrelevant-- your affect is as flat as a strap in Kansas. (Although it's possible that you're still in the smoking an... Read more

Zombie Flamingo

You are the ZOMBIE FLAMINGO. Brightly colored, sinister, spectacular, and absolutely no threat whatsoever to anything. Not even to the brine shrimp that are flamingos' usual diet-- your digestive... Read more

Nurse Shark

You are the NURSE SHARK. Inasmuch as you have a personality at all, your big claim to fame is you're closely RELATED to some very dangerous and interesting personality types. For instance, nurse ... Read more

Paper Cup

You are the PAPER CUP. As far as this test can tell, you have no personality whatsoever. (And when something called "The Vacuous Personality Inventory" tells you even IT thinks there's nobody hom... Read more


You are the LAMPREY. Inasmuch as you have a personality at all, it's limited to a set of dietary preferences. The reason people seem to ignore what you say so often is they can't make you out-- Y... Read more

Pyroclastic Flow

You are the PYROCLASTIC FLOW. You are a giant flaming ball of hot ash and superheated air flooding down the side of the volcano. Unfortunately, you're not a particularly LARGE pyroclastic flow-- ... Read more


You are CASSANDRA. You know something bad is coming, you can even give details-- but nobody listens to you. I think you already suspect the reason why. You probably DO have a personality o... Read more


You are the SPHINX. No, not the mighty riddle-asking beast of mythology-- the mutant hairless breed of cat. All you want to do is cuddle-- with anything, really, because your hosed genome has lef... Read more


You are FUTILITY. Even if you manage to bring your plans to fruition, the actual result is going to be something totally random. Still, might as well try-- perhaps you'll serve as a good b... Read more


You are the COLEOCANTH. Everybody remembers that there's some reason or another you're important, but nobody can recall what it is-- and so they figure it must not have been THAT critical. ... Read more

The Star! (MV)

You are the SPECTRAL CLASS M MAIN SEQUENCE STAR. That's right! You're a star! And no, you're not unstable or a dwarf star or anything else ego-shattering like that-- you're in the main sequence!... Read more

Swamp Island

You are the SWAMP ISLAND. Kind of like a desert island, but with rain and plenty of springs. Basically, you're a glob of mud sitting in the middle of the ocean. (The reason you have such a low l... Read more


You are PANIC!!1! Inasmuch as you have a personality at all, it's totally submerged-- you're too busy running full-tilt into walls and trying to put out forest fires with a squirtgun. (On the oth... Read more

Lone Freeway Shoe

You are the LONE FREEWAY SHOE. Nobody can figure out why you're sitting there all alone, how you got there, or how to go about finding your mate. Oh, and you're fading in the sun. When it rains,... Read more

Bad Tattoo

You are the BAD TATTOO. Seemed like a good idea at the time... Unfortunately, in its current state of development, this test cannot distinguish between the two forms of Bad Tattoo: the DRAG... Read more

Unnecessary Heimlich

You are the UNNECESSARY HEIMLICH MANEUVER. Sure, if it had actually been a crisis, you would have been a hero-- but as it stands, you're just an embarassment. SEEK: people who don't ... Read more

Illegible Warning

You are the ILLEGIBLE WARNING. You are the yellow road sign reading SKORF over an icon of a bongo drum. You are shreds of the label left on the vial that read "Do not take with ta--". You are th... Read more

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