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Their result for The Ultimate Myths and Folklore Test ...

Middling Scholar

You scored 43% Knowledge.

You know much to get this score. But you are not an expert.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Knowledge Distribution

    They scored 43% on Knowledge, higher than 78% of your peers.

All possible test results

Did not try...

Either you did not answer a single question or you are not verry good at this... Read more


Well, statisticaly you should get a few right. Read more

Cassual Reader

Hm, perhaps you have browsed a bit on Wikipedia. But you could hardly claim much interest in this kind of stuff. Read more

Knows Some

You seems to have some interest in this kind of thing. Great for you. Read more

Middling Scholar

You know much to get this score. But you are not an expert. Read more


Ah, a fellow nerd. Good going. Read more

Mythology Expert

Wow... Unless you cheated you deserve some serious respect. Bravo! Read more


Are you a professor of mythology? Or are you just a Wikipedia addict? Read more

... Did you cheat?

Honestly... 100% correct. Either you are the fucking master or you have really made an effort to look up everything on Wiki... Read more

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