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Okay, perhaps stupidity isn't so "well" But, you're probably average! We've all done some stupid things while driving, but you're cautious too, though slightly aggressive! Rarrrrr.

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Dull-Obtuse Driver

Well, you're just not much of anything, are you? You haven't anything that would cause ANYTHING extreme about you in ANY case. How dull. Spice up your driving style and maybe you'll be cool to ride wi... Read more

Slightly Stoopid

Be happy that you're only slightly at fault to driving intelligence. But, beware, also, even a slight flaw could cause an immense catastrophe. Read more

THE Idiot Driver

Your license will be revoked immediately and you WILL be sent back to Driver's Ed. You can't even drive well in an empty parking lot. But I'm sure you're happy with yourself. Read more

Slightly Cautious

You are careful indeed of many objects and obstacles that may be impeding you from driving safely, however, you do not notice as much as an obsessive compulsive may. Good for you. Read more

Cognizant Goof

You're somewhat aware of things, however you are sometimes just ignorant of other things. You may make mistakes, but mostly they are minor ones. Read more

Borderline Idiot

You seriously can't drive well. You often think you are aware of things, but they are frequently a detriment to your driving. An idiot only fears fire because it hurts when he touches it; you're only ... Read more

Obsessive Compulsive

Yeah. You're extremely cautious. Perhaps a bit TOO cautious. Stopping in the middle of the road for a massive group of Elementary school kids to cross is NOT an example of appeasing EVERYONE. Read more

Carefully flawed

You are, yes, indeed, extremely cautious. Albeit, you do have a few flaws that distract you from being fully cautious 100% of the time. Read more

Cautious Idiot

You just think you're cautious. Read more

Slightly Aggressive

So, you're a little bit aggressive. But, aren't we all? Read more

Aggressive Goof

So, you're a bit aggressive. But you're also a bit stupid. Two negatives don't make a positive. Read more

Fiesty Idiot

You're a complete idiot when it comes to driving! Congratulations! You also carry a bit of a temper when it comes to other drivers. Look out! Read more


You're slightly aggressive, slightly cautious. You know WHEN it's necessary to be aggressive, and also when it's not. Good job. Read more


Okay, perhaps stupidity isn't so "well" But, you're probably average! We've all done some stupid things while driving, but you're cautious too, though slightly aggressive! Rarrrrr. Read more

Mild Idiot

Yes, you really shouldn't be driving. However, you are kind of careful...You are also fiesty. Please don't hit the old man in the wheelchair while eating your Crunchwrap. Read more

Sneaky Meany

You're extremely careful, but when it comes down to it, you know what you've got to do to survive. You're not afraid to do things as long as they're safe. Read more

Mild & Cautious

You're a couple of points low on Driving I.Q., but you're overly cautious as to your surroundings. Save the whales. Read more

Mean sneaky idiot

You're completely absent of mind when it comes to driving! But you're careful oh, so careful, not to mention that little bit of rage. Read more

Drunk Ex

You drive like a maniac. Or...like you're drunk and angry. All over the road. That's right. That's you. Read more

Ignorant Ex

Kay, you're mad, enraged, you want to rip someone's head off! It's ashame you're trying to use tweezers for it. Read more


Grrrrrr. You drive crazy. Hitting mailboxes, swerving all over the road, mooning police officers. Perhaps with the intent on getting revenge on your ex with cotton swabs. Read more

Careful Meany

Of course you get what you want on the road! But that doesn't mean you don't keep a close eye on your enemies when you do. Read more

Mean goof

You keep a resourceful eye on your enemies when you're getting what you want, but you always tend to make a mistake here and there. Read more

Dumb Jackass

Yes, you. You're the one careful NOT to hit my bumper by getting as close as possible. And runs me off the road whilst watching where you're going. Yes you. Read more

The Spy

Not only are you extremely careful, but you have a high desire to get what you want, and you're not stupid! You'd make the perfect spy. You could drive like a spy. Read more

The failing Spy

In other words, 007's much younger years. You're careful about getting what you want. Sneaky about it. But, you've been known to make mistakes. You'd drive like a spy, but eventually you'd wreck! Read more

Crazy careful Idiot

Apparently you're massively aggressive whilst being cautious and and idiot too! Good job! Read more

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