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Their result for The Where on Earth You Belong Test ...

New York, NY

You scored 53 Culture, 69 Space, 59 Aesthetics, and 66 Personality!

The best of the best. The captiol of the world. This city has it all and more. A great cultural scene, a beautiful skyline, and an in your face attitude. There is no shortage of things to spend the rest of your life doing here so enjoy it.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Culture Distribution

    They scored 53% on Culture, higher than 11% of your peers.

  • Space Distribution

    They scored 69% on Space, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • Aesthetics Distribution

    They scored 59% on Aesthetics, higher than 7% of your peers.

  • Personality Distribution

    They scored 66% on Personality, higher than 17% of your peers.

All possible test results

Detroit, Michigan

Either go to hell or stay the hell where you are. You obviously love to live in the most squalid surroundings so outside of irag or or africa this is the place for you Read more

Anchorage, Alaska

Just stick to a city where there are people like you and where you are generally seperated from the rest of the world. Read more

A city park

all you care about is how ur surroundings look so go someplace nice like like a park or a garden in northern Canada and stay there Read more

Portland, Oregon

Its a pretty city with a lot of personality and thats pretty much all you care about so enjoy this pretty, clean, and comfortable city. Read more

The Sahara Desert

You like your personal space, which is fine, but the only place on Earth other than the ocean where you'll have all the space you'll ever need is the world's largest desert. Read more

Athens, Texas

There is certainly no shortage of space or personality in Texas and outside of the larger cities is where youll find some of the most desolate locations and the craziet people anywhere. Read more

Albequerque, NM

Albequeque location aside is a very visually appealing city and it is also very suburban providing lots of space for you antisocial people out there. To bad theres no much cutlure or fun there, even ... Read more

Orlando, Florida

Its pretty, its fun, and its rather in your face, especially with Disney. However theres just not much here the way of diversity and culture so youll love it. Plus if you ever want some in your face... Read more

Oaxaca, Mexico

You could live like a king in Mexico, but aside from culture there really isnt much left to Oaxaca. But if thats what youll like youll be happy forever where Mexican culture lies virtually untouched ... Read more

Boston, MA

Not extremly spacious but still very cozy and rich with the little cutlure the United States has. There are also no people in the country with larger personalities and opinion then Bostonians. Read more

Tokyo, Japan

Very cramped and very in touch with the Japanese culture and you absolutly love that. Youll take a small apartment any day if it means a neverending flow of interesting cultural sites to see and lots... Read more

Hong Kong, China

Rich in culture, stunningly beautiful and dramatically in your face with luxury. It does miss out on space completley but thats easy to get over in such an exciting city. Read more

Xi an, China

This is pretty much perfect for you and one of the only options in the world if you want a mix of culture and personal space. Youll have a fun time looking at ancient China with virtually noone else ... Read more

Chicago, Illinois

A great city with lots of culture an in your face personality and lots of people. Too bad that except for a nice skyline its just not that pretty. I mean, did they have to pain the Sears tower shit ... Read more

Vancouver, Canada

It's extremely beautiful, has lots of open and available space and is rich in different cultures and diversity, but in the end the people of Vancouver are not of the most interesting breed. Still a t... Read more

New York, NY

The best of the best. The captiol of the world. This city has it all and more. A great cultural scene, a beautiful skyline, and an in your face attitude. There is no shortage of things to spend th... Read more

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