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You are 24% ferocious, 39% speedy, 43% curious

So you're a good person; everyone likes a kitten! You don't pick fights, and sometimes you question authority. But for the most part you let other people make decisions in your life when you should be the one taking that initiative (darn you turltle!). Try to up your pace a bit, parakeets have a lot more integrity than you realize; you'd be surprised just how much you can accomplish.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • ferocity Distribution

    They scored 24% on ferocity, higher than 26% of your peers.

  • velocity Distribution

    They scored 39% on velocity, higher than 43% of your peers.

  • curiosity Distribution

    They scored 43% on curiosity, higher than 32% of your peers.

All possible test results


This isn't going to be pretty, but it's the truth. To put it simply, you are afraid. You hide inside your shell all the time just like the turtle, and you really have no drive to figure things out in ... Read more


So you're a good person; everyone likes a kitten! You don't pick fights, and sometimes you question authority. But for the most part you let other people make decisions in your life when you should be... Read more


You are a deep thinker. Monkeys can't get eough of figuring things out. You probably spend a lot of your time pondering situations instead of actually going out there and involving yourself in them. Y... Read more


You're a very docile person (can you hear that? that's the kitten part of you purring), easy to get along with, and thanks to the rabbit, you're really into being active. In fact, you probably spend m... Read more


You're a warm-hearted individual, just like a kitten, and you probably have a lot of friends who ask you for advice. With the speed of a rabbit, you're constantly on the go with people and you probabl... Read more


Woah Nelly! You are the well on your way to becoming Gene Simmons prodigy! With this much monkey, you've got lots of energy (that'd be the rabbit), lots of knowledge and lots of smiles. You've got to ... Read more


With the dog you've got a perfect temperment. You don't let people boss you around, and you aren't pushy in return. Though the root of your smooth attitude is your lack of excitement... oh guppy... ju... Read more


You're a strong-willed individual who isn't afraid of seeming normal. You're not up for glory, you're not up for power. So just what are you up for? The parakeet is smart, but sometimes loses track of... Read more


Has anyone ever called you the human encyclopedia? Well if they haven't, I'm sure they've thought it. The nice thing about being a bit monkey-ish is that you like to know everything and when you do aq... Read more


So you, my friend, are easy to get along with, as most dogs are. You're also quick to to get things done (that's the rabbit influence). It's just, most of those things don't really interest you... oh ... Read more


First off, might I say, you're an all-around lovely person. With the temperment of a dog, the curiosity of a parakeet and the speed of a bunny, you have tons of friends, lots of hobbies, and you're pr... Read more


Hellooooooo smarty-pants! The only thing that stops you from learning and questioning things in life is the rabbit in you, which leads to a multitude of activities, and those are most likely learning ... Read more


Remind me never to make you angry. You've got a huge bark, which is all you need in place of a big bite, because let's face it, even though you like to talk a lot, you don't actually resort to action.... Read more


You've got your eye out for anybody trying to manipulate you. Hamsters are always paranoid. That's probably why you'd rather stay in that go out with people. You don't trust people easily, and your cu... Read more


You know EVERYTHING and you want EVERYONE to know it. The monkey in you just can't stop questioning everything! You've done this, seen that, read this, been there... okay, okay, we get it, you should ... Read more


Fast and furious. That's pretty much how to describe you. You may be all sweet on the outside, but as soon as someone ticks you off *BOOM* you explode! Zero to crazy in 2 seconds flat! So maybe it's t... Read more


That insane little hamster part of you comes out in full force when you lose your temper. Much to your dismay you probably say and act before you really get to stop and think things through. You do ho... Read more


Like, woah. You're not on any illegal drugs or anything, right? Because with the amount of questioning you're doing, the monkey in you is going nuts trying to find answers! The bogus thing is that whe... Read more

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