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You're Bowser! You have great knowledge of SMB, but you're no master. Keep playing and you'll beat those plumbers.

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    They scored 73% on coins, higher than 90% of your peers.

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You got none of them right. Ok. You might have gotten one right, but you know nothing about Super Mario Bros. Chances are, you did this on purpose. Go play your Genesis. Read more


You're a Goomba. You're the lowest of lows. Well, you could do worse, but you'll have to know more to be able to pick the correct wrong answers. At least you walk in a straight line with your only ... Read more

Green Koopa Troopa

Well, you're better than a goomba. You can't see as well as your red brothers, (stupid genetics..) but you're just as tough, although you may want to watch yourself before you walk off a cliff. Read more

Red Koopa Troopa

You're a red Koopa Troopa! That's better than green because you can see better! Gotta love recessive traits! Just watch out for Mario. He can see even better. Read more


You're a lakitu. This means you're one of the better koopas. With a little more knowledge you can become a coveted hammer brother. Read more

Hammer Brother

Being a hammer brother isn't too bad. You're one of Mario's most feared enemies. Unless he has a fireball or two. That's the advantage of being in pairs, which you usually are. Study up and become... Read more


Toads. The Castle Crusaders. The Peach Protectors. As many as there are of you, WHY CAN'T YOU DO YOUR JOB!!! Just kidding. Play some more and try the quiz again. Read more

Princess Toadstool

Good job Peach, you're Princess Toadstool. You have decent knowledge of SMB and must have beat the game so many times you're stuck at the end. Don't worry, Mario will save you. Read more


You're Bowser! You have great knowledge of SMB, but you're no master. Keep playing and you'll beat those plumbers. Read more


You're Luigi, the younger, but also loved brother. Lately, you've been having your eye on a different girl (Daisy) and are dealing with your new enemy (Waluigi). Keep up the good work. Read more


Contratulations!! You're Mario! It was a tough quiz, but you smoked it. You must have played a lot to get this far. Keep playing! Read more

Shigeru Miyamoto

You're the ultimate Super Mario Brothers Master. You know everything and deserve your credit. Bravo. Few make it this far. Read more

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