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White Nunchucks

You scored 51 Personality and 64 Tai Chi!

You are the white ninja, sworn enemy of the black. Your abilities as a healer are legendary as are your lightning quick strikes. You understand the balance in the world and can use it to stave enemy strikes waiting for them to expose weaknesses. The greatest humiliation you reserve for your foes is to dishonor them in defeat, and then to heal their wounds so that they cannot seek solace in death.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Personality Distribution

    They scored 51% on Personality, higher than 51% of your peers.

  • Tai Chi Distribution

    They scored 64% on Tai Chi, higher than 51% of your peers.

All possible test results

Black Katana

The bloodiest of assassins, your only trait greater than your speed is your callousness in ending your foes. You artfully carve patterns into your victim's chest using your long katana, as a final hu... Read more

White Katana

The most beautiful swordmaster, you excel at all types of combat, and could use any weapon, but you are especially attached to one weapon that you have even taken the time to name. An honorable but f... Read more

Black Longsword

You are the fabled dark knight. You have always triumphed in combat by whatever means necessary. Red is your color, flames herald your coming as blood marks your departure. You are nearly as brutal... Read more

White Longsword

Yours is the way of peace, the blade you keep is mainly for defense, but in a moments notice you can be ready to fight if challenged. Your way cannot err, as you follow the light to justice, but the ... Read more

Black Axe

Your fiery soul would rather rend something than understand it. You are like a bull in a china store, just barely confined to this world. Your only respite comes from the few moments between the end... Read more

White Axe

Your axe suits your fiery persona, but your more violent tendencies are assuaged by a more reserved force inside yourself. You are strong and dependable, often first to react, but reservedly forceful... Read more

Black Pole Axe

You are a force to be reckoned with. You are the wisest of the conquerors. Your might is feral and you value keeping your foe at an armslength to maximize their suffering and minimize your own. Alth... Read more

White Halberd

You are a strong vital force, and a moral person as well, but a few fiery tendencies underly the friendly nature. You are upbeat and would rather entertain a crowd and be the center of attention than... Read more

Black Spear

You wield the spear of vitality, in the aims of destroying all that oppose you. You are the leader of many as your passionate soul endears them to you. You are a forceful exhuberant person that deligh... Read more

White Spear

You wield the spear of vitality in hopes of defending all that is dear to you. You are devout and steadfast as well as trustworthy. You are a natural born leader and demand instant respect, you are ... Read more

Black Nunchucks

You are the ultimate black ninja. Your footsteps are hidden on the wind, and you are versed in all the arts of life, pity for everyone else that you would rather use your knowledge to extinguish life,... Read more

White Nunchucks

You are the white ninja, sworn enemy of the black. Your abilities as a healer are legendary as are your lightning quick strikes. You understand the balance in the world and can use it to stave enemy... Read more

Black Staff

You are a master of balance and vital energies. You forsake the sword in search of a weapon worthy of your skill. You fight with an energy leeched from your opponents as you defeat them without ever ... Read more

White Staff

Master of balance, none can ever strike you, due to your otherworldly focus. Though you never return a blow your foes slowly drop to their knees in your midst. You wander accompanied by many who wish... Read more

Black Crossbow

You are the stealthy assassin, you know healing arts to sustain yourself and those that occompany you but you leave the fighting up to someone with a little more substance. You lurk in the shadows del... Read more

White Crossbow

You are the medic of the group, always looking out for others. You qualm at the thought of using a powerful weapon, you prefer to give support from afar, though you fight viciously without self regar... Read more

Black Ancient Magic

You are the follower of an ancient art, devoting your life to study and the pursuit of power. A book is your constant companion, donning dark robes in secrecy, unleashing potent curses on opponents r... Read more

White Ancient Magic

A disciple of an ancient order, once the greatest warriors in the land now reduced to petty conjurers, However you do possess the greatest power, utter dominance over those who dwell in the dark. You ... Read more

Black Longbow

A dark elf, deadly in all bowcraft. Your bow is your life and its string your very breath. You give life and take life with your bow, but that concerns you little. You care not for the affairs of th... Read more

White Longbow

Although your bow takes life, its greater skill is the gift of life. It feeds you and those close to you, and can safely stave off large forces from a distance with minor losses. Your path is that of... Read more

Neo Dark Magic

The elusive dark sage, you command forces beyond reckoning, felling foes near and far alike. You learn quickly, and your feverish thirst for knowledge and wisdom is insatiable. You avoid combat, but ... Read more

Neo White Magic

You are a divine ascendant, avatar for all that is good. Physical weapons cannot harm you and magical attacks are only minor inconvienience. Death itself is ultimately thwarted in your presence, you... Read more

Dark Master

Uhhhhhhh! I get the willies thinking that someone like you exists, you are currently plotting the doom of the entire world from your dark tower with your unparralleled intellect. Something tells me I ... Read more


You are Budda, Dei, master of all in this universe. Your color is white, and your temple is the sky, I would ask you why you are still here, but I want to ask you why I am here first. Read more

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