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The Sergeant

You like to exercise control, but on your own terms, in your own time. Get everything ready, then move.

Games you might like:

Heroes of Might and Magic

Command and Conquer

Warcraft I,II,III

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The Light Heart

You enjoy a game that you can play at your own pace, and that isn't too taxing. Just take it easy, relax, kick back. Games are supposed to be fun anyway. Games you might like: The Sims Kin... Read more

The Watcher

You like to sit in a powerful position, but you like it best when things take care of themselves. If you can just point people in the right direction, everything will work out. Games you might ... Read more


You like a straight-forward game that tests your reflexes. Puzzles are your bread and butter. Games you might like: Tetris Gran Turismo Super Mario Brothers Read more

The Persuader

You like to set things in motion and get them done. Planning isn't an issue, just send a bunch in, and that should work. Games you might like: Homeworld Battle For Middle Earth Read more

The Journeyman

You're an imaginative person who enjoys an elegantly simple, but creative game. Story line is always a plus. Games you might enjoy: Megaman Heroes of Might and Magic Final Fantasy Read more

The Sergeant

You like to exercise control, but on your own terms, in your own time. Get everything ready, then move. Games you might like: Heroes of Might and Magic Command and Conquer Warcraft... Read more

The Pyrotechnician

You're all about flair and reaction. You're a fan of nice graphics and snappy gameplay. Games you might like: Sports games especially FIFA and NHL. Street Fighter II Prince of Pers... Read more

The Chaotic

Its all about fast action for you. Send in the troops and let em duke it out. Games you might like: Command and Conquer Stronghold NHL Hockey Read more

The Demolishonist

You like explosions and people getting hurt, as long as you have time to get to a safe distance before carnage ensues. Games you might like: Worms Mafia Grand Theft Auto Read more

The Dictator

Get your butts in there and kill some bad guys for me. Games you might like: Starcraft Age of Empires GTA III Read more

The Gun Nut

Just give me a really big gun and watch the frag counter spin. Games you might like: DOOM Halo Serious Sam Max Payne Read more

The Warlord

My army is bigger than yours... prepare yourself for anihilation. Games you might like: Starcraft Battlefield series Counter-Strike Read more

The Intellect

Nothing interests you more than a really tough problem you can stress over. Lets get those gears turning... Games you might like: The Incredible Machine Myst series Chessmaster Read more

The Mogul

Give me the scenario and I'll get the most out of it. Games you might like: SimCity Any of the Tycoon games CSI/Law and Order Civilization Read more

The Technician

You are all about rapidly changing strategies, coping, adapting and the like. Games you might like: Thief Smash Brothers Microsoft Flight Simulator Starfox Read more

The Strategist

There are a lot of things to keep track of. Luckily, you're up to the task. Games you might like: Homeworld Everquest FIFA Soccer Battle For Middle Earth Read more

The Problem-Solver

It's all about working the scenario through. The solution will come in due time. Games you might like: Hitman Grim Fandango Legend of Zelda Battlechess Read more

The Manipulator

People do what you want because they figure out its right, it has nothing to do with your skills of persuasion... Games you might like: Baldur's Gate Rome: Total War The Elder Scro... Read more

The Conjurer

You are able to adapt to any situation and make it look like they were playing into your plan all along. Games you might like: Jedi Knight The Elder Scrolls Smash Brothers Read more

The Natural

Anything I can do, you can do better. All of your moves seem smoother than others. What you do is what should have been done a long time ago. Games you might like: World of Warcraft R... Read more

The Professional

Take your time... Plan it all out... Make some orphans... Games you might like: Battlechess Hitman Rainbow Six Deus Ex Read more

Sun Tzu

Remind me never to get into a land war with you. Games you might like: Civilization Rome:Total War Age of Empires Read more

The Elitist

You're not using an aimbot, or a wall-hack, but you know the mechanics and the environment so well, it sure seems like it. Games you might like: Deus Ex Far Cry F.E.A.R. Splinte... Read more

The Commander

If you micromanage well enough, you may very well suffer no casualties. Games you might like: Rome:Total War Guild Wars Battlefield Read more

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