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The Professional

You placed in vanity rank 15

Straight up - badass. You know you're sexy. You've got it. You also know how to hide it, which makes you all the sexier. You can be rather manipulative at times, but hey, you didn't ASK to be an angel given flesh, right? Fuck 'em. You OWN this place.

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I've got you pretty well figured out by now.
I'm into your style. Check out mine.


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    They scored 15% on vanity, higher than 61% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Buddha

You've attained enlightenment, and that makes a lot of people nervous. However, you're so confident in yourself as a whole, inside ... Read more

The Golden Child

Hey, you're cute and you know it, but you don't feel it necessary to come right out and say it like all these other assholes. Peopl... Read more

The Natural

You're cool. You're calm. You don't have to say a word, and everyone knows you're comfortable with yourself. In fact, you look yo... Read more

The Pastel

Cool, collected, thoughtful...you don't go out of your way to be flashy or dramatic. You know you're sexy. That's it. In fact, yo... Read more

The Coincidence

Oh you're pretty. Real pretty. But you just HAPPEN to act like you're not. This facade works really well when it comes to attract... Read more

The Raw Meat

Look, whatever. You're sexy, you just don't know it. Everyone else knows it, but they THINK you're just a chill person trapped in ... Read more

The Unique

Oh yes. You've got a style all your own. People dig it, copy it and claim it as theirs. Whatever. You know who REALLY got that ... Read more

The Shady Stranger

You're hot. You know it, but you hide it. Everyone else knows it...and fuck anybody who says otherwise, right? You're a dark sort... Read more

The Intensity

I'll be honest with you; you're a little scary at times. But hey, you're hot, so you tend to get away with shit like that. You als... Read more

The Smoldering Ember

You can fool a whole lot of people, but not me. We both know you're hot, though you'll claim otherwise from time to time. What oth... Read more

The Professional

Straight up - badass. You know you're sexy. You've got it. You also know how to hide it, which makes you all the sexier. You can... Read more

The Dark Angel

Like a deity among mortals, you walk this earth knowing you are consumate sex appeal. Sometimes you doubt yourself, but that's just... Read more

The Nightmare

You love how attractive you are. You relish it. You use it to your advantage and that makes people want you all the more. You ope... Read more

The Masterpiece

Fact 1.) You are a god. Fact 2.) Fuckin' A right you're a god. You know how amazing you look, and you have no problem admitt... Read more

The Star

Hey, you didn't ASK for god-given looks. You didn't ASK for the world's adoration. You didn't ASK to be at the center of the unive... Read more

The Nexus

Like a force of nature, you fucking RULE this planet. People tumble into the vortex of your beauty, and each fallen soul only adds ... Read more

The Ethereal

I don't even know how to talk to you. You are beyond my mortal comprehension. Your ego is so vast, so incredible...it is omniprese... Read more

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