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Flava FLAAAAVVV!!!!!

You scored 51 koolness!

You crazy man! You live day to day, care free. People can be very judgemental of you, but you don't care what people think. Remember to show off that intelligence of yours; don't ever be embarassed to use it.

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    They scored 51% on koolness, higher than 54% of your peers.

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You have a naturally strong will. You can easily spot weakness and root it out with your strong disciplice and will-power. Remember to help others who are weaker to temptation, for they are in great n... Read more

R.L. Stine

You have a natural gift for writing. You have sensational story-telling skill and a knack for suspense. Try to further your writing skills, for you may be a great screen-writer or even an author as go... Read more

Vannila Ice

You have a bad reputation. People only seem to remember what you WERE like, not what you're like today. Tough it out for now homeboy/girl; you'll eventually have one HELL of a comeback. Read more


You love NASCAR almost as much as you love STAR WARS. You also are susceptible to addictions, like gambling. Finally, watch your wieght! Read more

Richie Rich

You're a rich jerk. You could care less about your family and friends; money and power are what you worship. Unfortunately, true love may pass you if you continue valuing wealth. Read more

The Six Flags Guy

All play and no work. You're laid back and often skip work or school for fun stuff. You also wear glasses and have been to Six Flags on amny occasions. Read more

Rick James

Suuupper-Freeeak! You find Dave Chapelle to be hilarious and love Comedy Central. You also like soup and can dance like a madman! Your weakness is your anger; you can start vicious fights with people. Read more

Kangaroo Jack

You love rap music. You also love the color red and have been to Austrailia. Read more

John Rocker

You passionately HATE New York! You are VERY self confident and your southern roots do come in handy. Unfortunately, you definately could have taken your education more seriously, and your social skil... Read more

Optimus Prime

You're a bonafide leader. You make great decisions and listen to all team members. You also have a great dilema; you have two very strong personalities inside of you that wrestle each other daily for ... Read more

Ben Franklin

You're brilliant. You're the smartest person you know but you're also humble about it. You have a great sense of humor, and you could become famous if you wanted to, but you are content with where you... Read more

Black Mamba

You're an ice queen/king. You keep it real, regardless of hurt feelings or not. You might be in the popular group right now but WATCH OUT! As the saying goes "Keep your friends close, but your enemies... Read more

Clint Eastwood

You're a tough SOB. You did some bad stuff in the past, but now you tend to be a good person. People know not to mess with you, and there is a great amount of respect towards you. You are the essence ... Read more

Peyton Manning

You're always one step away from greatness. You have fantastic talent and all the right people around you, but you lack what special thing to get you to the top of the mountain. Patience will reveal t... Read more

Flava FLAAAAVVV!!!!!

You crazy man! You live day to day, care free. People can be very judgemental of you, but you don't care what people think. Remember to show off that intelligence of yours; don't ever be embarassed to... Read more

Freddie Mitchell

ME, ME, MEEEE!!! You love attention 24/7, whether you realize it or not. You also love to hear yourself talk. Tone it down man! Your own friends may flush you like a dead goldfish if you keep up your ... Read more


Your two favorite activities: war and bowling! You also have a wicked cool best friend. You have a huge anger problem; CONTROL IT, or you will find yourself in a puddle of crud. Read more

Ashlee Simpson

Warning: you are a friggin huge POSER AND WANNABE! Get your act together, and cut out your phony personality, as people can see you as the BIG FAT FAKE that you are! Read more

Lisa Leslie

You are that all-American person: looks, athleticism, and intelligence. Just remember that others may not be as lucky as you, and make sure you try to help them along the way. Read more

Captain Planet

Tree-hugger! PETA freak! You're one of those "Save the Whales" people. You threaten loggers on a regular basis, and don't eat meat. You probably take showers or bathes rarely. Personally, I'm also a... Read more

John Stamos

You are very narcissitic! You love mirrors and grooming yourself! Be careful though, as your love for yourself may scare away the potential love of your life. Read more

The Joker

You are very funny, but also sadistic. Read more


Bite my shiny metal ass! You can be a very selfish jerk who has many vices. Stealing, drugs, lieing, and grandpa's old cough medicine (alcohol) all may be weaknesses of yourself: be careful! Read more

Ms. Cleo

You have undiscovered pyschic abilities! Find these powers within yourself, and train your mind to use your powers; you will become VERY POWERFUL. Read more

The White Ranger

You're a big hot shot that nobody is asking for. You're trying to give help where it isn't needed, and you need to review your strengths to find the place that will most benefit from your efforts. You... Read more

Pillsbury Doughboy

You take a lot of shit. You are poked and prodded and you keep smilin' away; little does anyone else know that you are a ticking time-bomb unitl you snap and open up a can on everyone. So try to alway... Read more

Chuck Norris

You're a cowboy/ ninja. You have killer instinct and strength that keep you out of trouble. You're kind of cheesy though, and Clint Eastwood is a lot cooler. But you do have your own flavor; if you ca... Read more

Darth Vader

You are evil. If you are not evil now YOU WILL BE. It is your destiny. Read more

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