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Asexual Fetishist

You naughty thing!

Is it possible to be a fetishist and asexual? Well...you've proven it!

You're a different breed alright, but that's what makes you awesome. Like any other asexual, you are not sexually attracted to other people. You can, however, have sex with others if your fetish is involved. I'm sure you masturbate and get horny...perhaps even more than the average person, but you have absolutely no urges to go have sex with anyone. Your sexual fantasies can even involve other people, but it's not them you're really focused on; it's the actions, emotions, objects, or themes that turn you on. Even though you picture very sexual things and may masturbate from morning to night, being with an actual person might be a huge turn-off for you.

I'm sure you enjoy good fetish erotica and perhaps even write some yourself! You're open-minded about sex and probably know more about BDSM than most people. You're just so wild you don't need anyone ruining your personal fetish party.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Asexual Distribution

    They scored 34% on Asexual, higher than 26% of your peers.

  • AsexualFetishist Distribution

    They scored 78% on AsexualFetishist, higher than 97% of your peers.

  • GrayaDemisexual Distribution

    They scored 68% on GrayaDemisexual, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • SelfSexual Distribution

    They scored 58% on SelfSexual, higher than 71% of your peers.

  • Romantic Distribution

    They scored 57% on Romantic, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • Sexual Distribution

    They scored 19% on Sexual, higher than 72% of your peers.

  • Aromantic Distribution

    They scored 15% on Aromantic, higher than 21% of your peers.

All possible test results


It looks like you are an asexual or lean more towards asexual characteristics. You find that you are not attracted sexually to other people. This doesn't mean that you can't occasionally be... Read more


It looks like you're a little bit sexual and asexual at times. As a demisexual, you don't immediately feel attraction to people. Instead, you feel a strong attraction to emotion and deep bo... Read more

Asexual Fetishist

Is it possible to be a fetishist and asexual? Well...you've proven it! You're a different breed alright, but that's what makes you awesome. Like any other asexual, y... Read more


You may not hear this one very often, but it's an interesting branch of asexuality. It looks like you quite enjoy sex...with yourself. This is by no means a bad thi... Read more

Romantic Asexual

You're asexual, so you feel no sexual attraction to other people. However, you do feel such strong emotional connections to people that you love to cuddle, snuggle, hug, and maybe even spea... Read more

Aromantic Asexual

You scored "Aromantic Asexual." Basically, you don't like cuddling, snuggling, kissing, or too much physical closeness. With any partners in the past, you have viewed their romantic actions toward ... Read more


It looks like you're pretty sexual. You see people as sexually attractive and you're interested in being in a physical relationship with your partner. You enjoy the act of sex with another ... Read more

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