The Super Relationship and Sexual Compatibility With Me Test

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Their result for The Super Relationship and Sexual Compatibility With Me Test ...


You scored 46% on the Sexual section, and 50% on the Relationship section.

Your scores are okay. Not good enough, I am sorry.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Sexual Distribution

    They scored 46% on Sexual, higher than 14% of your peers.

  • Relationship Distribution

    They scored 50% on Relationship, higher than 14% of your peers.

All possible test results

"No Chance at All"

You scored very bad. It isn't so bad, though. Maybe I am bad girl and you are too good for me. But maybe you are dumb American. You should visit other country and see how it is different. Not eve... Read more

"Thanks But No"

You scored low on sexual part, but you scored okay on the relationship part. How do they say it here in America? We can be friends? But it isn't very interesting! You should do something differe... Read more

"Friends, I Guess"

I am sorry, but no. I could be your friend. But maybe you are too boring even for friends. Life is short! You must do something! Read more

"Best Friends?"

You scored high on relationship. Why did you do so bad on sexual score? I don't understand. You could be my friend. If you really wanted to be my friend you would take this test over and do better... Read more

"Little Spark"

You did okay on sexual score, but not good on relationship score. I am sorry, but this is not good enough for me. Read more


Your scores are okay. Not good enough, I am sorry. Read more

"Above Average"

You scored okay. But it could be better. You want to score better, don't you? Read more

"Just Friends"

You could be my friend, but your sexual score still is not high enough. Do something about it! I do not like lazy people! Read more

"Friends for Night"

We will not have relationship, but we could be good lovers for a night, or two, or more. But you need to buy me a drink and give me attention first! Read more

"A Little Potential"

You have good score on sexual section, but you need to improve your relationship score. You should try again. But you are a maybe. Can you be more? Read more

"Good Sex"

Your score for relationship and sexual is good. You can do better though. Maybe I can teach you something new? Or maybe I will just spank you for fun. Hurry up and do it again! Maybe we can meet ... Read more

"My Love"

You have super relationship score! You could love me and I could love you! You must be like dream! Your sexual score but it could be better. But maybe you are typical American and you don't know a... Read more

"Good Lover"

I do not know about love, but I would probably have you for few dates. And take you home to my real lover. I think you would like this. Read more

"Super Lover"

I do not know about a long relationship, but you can definitely be one of my girlfriends or boyfriends. And maybe more? I do not know. But we would fuck well. And I like to fuck! But I do not kno... Read more

"Near Perfect Lover"

You would be great lover and maybe we have good relationship, too. Maybe you could be my love for life, or maybe you can be my top boyfriend or girlfriend after the love of my life. But here is my p... Read more

"Lover for Life"

Where have you been all my life? What have you been doing? You understand me, and you know what it takes to be with me! I did not think it was possible that anyone would score like this. It is mir... Read more

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