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Their result for The Revised Zombie Combat Survival Test ...

Well Rounded

You scored 65 physical, and 67 mental

You should do okay. Any group would be lucky to have you on board.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • physical Distribution

    They scored 65% on physical, higher than 18% of your peers.

  • mental Distribution

    They scored 67% on mental, higher than 59% of your peers.

All possible test results

Dead Meat

You may not have been bitten yet, but it doesn't matter. You'll be walking dead before the end of the first day. Read more

Easy Prey

We recommend you take a zombie survival course immediately. Also, buy and become proficient with a gun. Read more

Informed Citizen

You could use some help in the zombie fighting department. You aren't an idiot, but you definitely need to brush up on your combat skills. Or at least hook up with some other people that can watch y... Read more

Wimpy Survivalist

You've got the will and the know-how to win, just find some brave souls to help you out with the technical points, like actually dealing with the undead. Read more


We strongly recommend you prepare ahead of time, because it might be the only thing that keeps you alive, come Z-day. Your decision making skills are frankly dismal, and your combat skills leave some... Read more


You might survive, but we don't recommend you go it alone. You probably won't last very long. Your best bet is to find a real survivalist and ride his coattails to victory. Read more


You just might make it out alive if you keep your wits about you. We recommend you find a group, however. You aren't likely to be able to handle very many zombies before they take you down. Read more

Natural Leader

You've some good ideas on survival, but you'll need some help enacting them. You ought to do well enough on your own, but eventually you're going to want to hook up with some other survivors. You kn... Read more


You might survive for a little while, but eventually one of your dumb decisions is going to get you (and anyone else you've hooked up with) killed. Read more


You're pretty good at killing zombies, but you really ought to find someone to take orders from. Read more

Well Rounded

You should do okay. Any group would be lucky to have you on board. Read more


You'll come through just fine, in all likelihood. Stay alert and don't be afraid to run when it's convenient. Read more

Hack and Slash

You can take down zombies until the cows come home, but eventually you're going to need to find someone who can make good decisions, because frankly, yours suck. Read more


You're unparalleled when it comes to zombie slayage, but you could use a little guidance in the decision-making department. Lose the goody two-shoes attitude, by the way, if you want to survive. Read more


You should be fine. Just remember that it's about survival, not being a good guy. Make sure you have plenty of weapons, and don't be afraid to throw a loved-one to the zombies to slow them down when... Read more


Not only will you survive, but you'll look good doing it. Any other survivers will be lucky to hook up with you, assuming you don't shove them into a zombie horde to enable your own escape. Read more

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