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Their result for The Batman Skills Test ...

Green Lantern

You scored 60 %Detective, 50 %Combat, and 93 %Focus!

You have the incredible strength of will that only the most focussed of heroes possess. You clearly have combat training, though not to the level of Batman. After all, even with your powers you need to know how to fight. Batman may not trust you, probably because you don't fear him, but you are a great super hero.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Detective Distribution

    They scored 60% on Detective, higher than 52% of your peers.

  • Combat Distribution

    They scored 50% on Combat, higher than 23% of your peers.

  • Focus Distribution

    They scored 93% on Focus, higher than 76% of your peers.

All possible test results

Spandex free

I can't think of any reason you should wear a Batman costume. Even for Halloween. In the mean time, if you see a crime, use your 'Superman Signal Watch' and he'll come help you. Read more

Chalk outline

Sadly, you are more likely to see Batman investigate your untimely demise than through an invitation to the Batcave. I can tell you answered all the questions, but apparently you need some help. Try t... Read more

Future Green Lantern

You clearly have will power, no one can deny that. With training you could be Batman. If the Green Lantern of this sector dies you could well be his replacement. However, neither the Guardians of Oa n... Read more

Street hoodlum

You seem to have little interest in fighting crime. You probably wouldn't even call the police if you saw a crime being committed. Your combat skills will probably be used to harass people. If you are... Read more

Good Samaritan

It is unlikely you will ever look for crime and your low detective score would make it an uphill struggle. However, you are a responsible citizen and will help where you can. You aren't completely hel... Read more

Green Lantern

You have the incredible strength of will that only the most focussed of heroes possess. You clearly have combat training, though not to the level of Batman. After all, even with your powers you need t... Read more

Arkham Bound

You are irratic and dangerous. Your combat skills are superior to most, but you do not feel bound to any sense of social responsability. If you want to avoid rubber wallpaper and jackets that do up at... Read more

Teen Titan

You have been trained by some of the best and you are dedicated to fighting crime. While you still make rookie mistakes, you have a great future ahead. Remember, even the greats like Batman, Flash, Gr... Read more


While your dedication and skill is admirable, I wonder if you are acting on rage alone. Remember, even the Spectre picks his targets. You need to be more careful or people will get hurt. Read more


A brilliant mind, but without focus. Just because you're insane, it doesn't make you stupid. You know what is going on around you and you are an expert at manipulating it. However, the world is here t... Read more


You have some brilliant insights and a dedication that goes beyond duty. Just because you can't take down a room full of gun carrying psychos, doesn't mean you aren't a valuable part of the team. Ever... Read more


A great detective and ally to Batman (among others). If data were currency you'd be richer than Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor combined. That is why all the other heroes, even Superman, come to you when t... Read more

The Question

Detective, yes. Fighter, yes. Easily distracted by strange theories, sadly, yes. Your low focus score is deceiving, your high detective score shows a keen intellect that is probably constantly specula... Read more


You have dedication and detective skills. You can also hold your own in a fight, but you still have alot to learn. You have the potential to be Batman one day, but you have to ask yourself: do you wan... Read more

Commissioner Gordon

In a police department full of corruption, you remain honest. You are a good detective and capable in a fight. It's little wonder Batman trusts you and you could probably fill in for him, temporarily. Read more


There is no denying that you have skills, however, you are distracted by shiny things. Unfortunately, the shiny (and often valuable) things usually belong to other people. So, while you may be able to... Read more


You are equal only to Batman in your combat skills and a highly proficient detective. You also have a life. Letting people get close to you isn't a crime. Maybe you can have the best of both worlds; a... Read more

You Are Batman!

You are a master detective, a skilled martial artist and totally committed to your quest for justice. With you in the Batcave, the citizens of Gotham (or wherever you live) can sleep soundly in their ... Read more

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