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Their result for The how well do you know women 1 Test ...

Slow Romantic

You scored 73 % in Romance and 53 % in your knowledge of women!

You are the Slow Romantic. You are good at lovin, but when it comes to knowing you got nothin. You could use to catch up on your woman skills, but as far as treating her right, in time you could be the best.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • smarts Distribution

    They scored 53% on smarts, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • love skills Distribution

    They scored 73% on love skills, higher than 88% of your peers.

All possible test results

Sex Obsesesser

You are the Sex Obesesser. Odds are, you are not that great with woman, and you are not at the top of the romantics list. Maybe ask her what she wants to do more often because booze & sex, and dates a... Read more


You are the Nubie. Odds are you know very little about women becuase of either your lack of experience or lack of dedication. But just because you are not that knowledgeable does not mean that you hav... Read more

Lost Romantic

You are a Lost Romantic. Though you are a sensitive soul, dreaming of a skinny dip in a clear lake or a walk on the beach, you know very little about how women work. We know that women are confusing, ... Read more

Brainless Romantic

You are the Brainless Romantic. You know how to please your woman but you often find yourself asking why woman are so hard to understand. Well if you know how to make her happy, there you are getting ... Read more


You are the Amateur.. You know a little about women, as long as PMS is not a fact at the moment, but you still have a ways to go. Also, in the love department, you could use a bit of work. Diamonds ar... Read more

Average Joe

You are the Average Joe. Over the years, you have picked up a few tricks of the love trade and learned a little about what a woman wants, but Dinner and a Movie aren't all that they are cracked up to ... Read more

Slow Romantic

You are the Slow Romantic. You are good at lovin, but when it comes to knowing you got nothin. You could use to catch up on your woman skills, but as far as treating her right, in time you could be th... Read more

Dim-Witted Lover

You are the Dim Witted Lover. Though you are among the best of the pleasers, there is more too it. YOu know what we like, but you are too cocky about it. Just becuase you can make us happy does not me... Read more

Witty Loveless

You are the Witty Loveless. I bet you didn't know it, but you know women pretty well, but like many men you don't understand that we need more than dinner and a movie to make us happy. You got the boo... Read more

Clever Little Nube

You are the Clever Little Nube. You know a good amount about women, but you need to get a few more ladies under your belt, so to speak. Girls like a guy that can make her happy, and is not afraid to s... Read more

Hopeful Joe

You are the Hopeful Joe (one step up from the average Joe). You are pretty good at understanding woman and what they want, and aren't lacking in smarts or in romace. But there there is room for improv... Read more

Bright Romantic

YOU are the Bright Romantic. You are a great lover and you understand women, you don't know as much as some, but this is a respectable position. Read more

Genius Ignoramus

You are the Genius Ignoramus. You know pretty much every thing there is to a woman, except how to please her. Just because you know all about an object does not mean that you can get it to work. You r... Read more

Brilliant Amateur

You are the Brilliant Amateur. You must spend a lot of time around girls, you know how they work, and are ok at giving them what they want. You need to step it up in the romance department though. But... Read more

Smartus Romantus

You are the Smartus Romantus. You know pretty much all there is to know about women and you don't brag about it. Also you are rather romantic. there is a short road between who you are today, and the ... Read more

Don Juan De Marco

You are THE Don Juan De Marco. You know all there is about woman and what they need. Though you were not so sure about this talent, you got it baby. And I know that your girl is happy! Read more

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