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Kindly Intellectual

You scored 68 variable 1, 62 variable 2, 8 variable 3, and 9 variable 4!

You are the KINDLY INTELLECTUAL! What a caring person you are in your philosophies and morals! You are also a bit of a thinker, and paired up with your positivity, this makes you accepting of other people and their ideas. You are not shallow and probably delight in an educational TV show or lively discussion. You'd like to converse with a HIPPIE, HIPSTER,or YOGA TAKER, but you don't really like Miss TOUGH CONSERVATIVE or Mr/Mrs MATERIAL/CAPITALIST.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Open mind-Int Distribution

    They scored 68% on Open mind-Int, higher than 79% of your peers.

  • Loving-Caring Distribution

    They scored 62% on Loving-Caring, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • Shallow Distribution

    They scored 8% on Shallow, higher than 15% of your peers.

  • Tradit-Govern Distribution

    They scored 9% on Tradit-Govern, higher than 18% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Bad Ass Biker

You are the Bad Ass Biker! You are not especially traditional or closed minded, but you are no hippie either. Politics and philosophy probably don't interest you that much, but you get annoyed by thos... Read more

Tough Conservative

You are the TOUGH CONSERVATIVE! You are hard, nonemotional, and stern. You are not very open to new or weird ideas and your lack of emotion can sometimes throw people off, but, like the BAD ASS BIKERS... Read more

The Teenager

You are THE TEENAGER! Hanging out with friends, discussing the new song that's out, and getting a bite to eat sound fine to you! Politics, philosophy, and social issues do not concern you. You would l... Read more


You are the MATERIAL/CAPITALIST! You relish your SUV, computer, and workplace! A traditional or governmental person, capitalism probably interests you a lot, especially because it supports your lifest... Read more

The Nice Guy/Gal

You are the NICE GUY/NICE GAL! Other people mean a lot to you and you are not too shallow, either. Friends flock to you for comfort and support. You are not very hard or traditional, but you don't con... Read more

The Priest/Nun

You are the PRIEST/NUN! Whether you are religious or not, you exert a very good sense of right and wrong, and are a very caring individual. You are deep, serious and stick tight to your morals and to ... Read more

Modern Gal/Guy

You are the MODERN GAL/GUY! You like to socialize with people and are friendly. You are not neccessarily serious about many political or philosophical ideas, and you like pop culture and material good... Read more


You are the FRIENDLY CONSERVATIVE! Hanging out with friends in your SUV is as good a date as any. You are traditional or governmental, but not so interested in the more philosophical beliefs- you're m... Read more

Stern Intellectual

You are the STERN INTELLECTUAL! You might like philosophy, art, or history. A book or a news topic would probably interest you more than the mall or the church. You have some untraditional thoughts in... Read more

The Democrat

You are the DEMOCRAT! Whether you are a Democrat or not, you have an open mind about some things, and like to be a little more governmental or traditional, at times. It is possible that you have an in... Read more

The Youngster

You are the YOUNGSTER! Whether you are actually young or not, you aren't conservative or traditional, and you are pretty capable of thinking outside the box. You don't go off the deep end too much wit... Read more

The Moderate

You are the MODERATE! You are average on most accounts. You're traditional at times, but show ability to think outside the box. However, some may find you shallow and, therefore, not take you seriousl... Read more

Kindly Intellectual

You are the KINDLY INTELLECTUAL! What a caring person you are in your philosophies and morals! You are also a bit of a thinker, and paired up with your positivity, this makes you accepting of other pe... Read more

Thoughtful Conserv.

You are the THOUGHTFUL CONSERVATIVE! Because you are traditional but can see some different points of view, you are not tough about your beliefs, and since you are loving, you are not a sourpuss. You ... Read more

Modern Yoga Taker

You are the MODERN YOGA TAKER! Like the ancient yoga teachers, you have s somewhat open mind and a good heart. And like the modern society, you are kind of on the surface at times, which is why people... Read more

The Mediator

You are the MEDIATOR! You are pretty average on all counts and are a healthy mix of traditional and open minded. You are pretty loving and fair, and don't like to take life too seriously. Most people ... Read more

Heavy Philosopher

You are the HEAVY PHILOSOPHER! You spend a LOT of time thinking about things that are either strange or hard to pick up on, and you are looked up to for your intelligence, if you are not seen as stran... Read more

Intellectual Tradit.

You are the INTELLECTUAL TRADITIONAL! While you think outside the box excellently, you also like to play it safe and follow traditional ideas, either politically, or in everyday life. You can be kind ... Read more

Wacky Youth

You are the WACKY YOUTH! Like the TEENAGER, you don't take things too seriously and you like to have fun, but you have the gift of thought. You are akin to the youthful outcasts who are fun and have s... Read more

Armchair Philosopher

You are the ARMCHAIR PHILOSOPHER! While you have a very open mind about some issues, you are not especially serious, deep, or super liberal. You can be somewhat traditional or government respecting, a... Read more

The Hippie

You are the HIPPIE! Right on, brother! You are loving, philosophical, and you don't give in to the whims of traditionalists or conservatives of these days. You are a natural talent for thinking outsid... Read more

American Thinker

You are the AMERICAN THINKER! You are not too against traditional ways, but have a strong ability to think outside the box. You are loving and strong, just like an American is supposed to be, and you ... Read more

The Hipster

You are the HIPSTER! You are one groovy kid who is extremely akin to the HIPPIE, only you are a little less skeptical of the modern culture, but since you are both so open minded, neither of you care ... Read more


You are the INTELLECTUAL MEDIATOR! You are pretty average on political, philosophical, and moral accounts, but you are more open minded than the MEDIATOR. People look up to you either because you are ... Read more

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