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Their result for The Which Piece Of Clothing Am I Test ...


You scored 63% private, 47% sexy, and 40% hygiene!

You couldn't be more average. Some people like you, some people don't. Some people think you are hot, some people don't. You're not really active, you're not really something to brag about. But all in all you are just okay.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • private Distribution

    They scored 63% on private, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • sexy Distribution

    They scored 47% on sexy, higher than 73% of your peers.

  • hygiene Distribution

    They scored 40% on hygiene, higher than 4% of your peers.

All possible test results


Sorry to break this to you, but you are not that sexy. You are the type that talk too much, being annoying without wanting to be, and not thinking about what others think of you. You are liked by few ... Read more


You are very certain about yourself and what you stand for, and you are not affraid of showing other people what you think of them. You are not rude or anything, you just like to argue about the thing... Read more


Maybe you should loosen yourself a little. If you did, people might like you. Some would thing you as being a little in the way, but few others like you, and likes to hang around with you. You are not... Read more


Close to the ground, almost barefoot, showing yourself without wanting to hurt yourself. You are possibly more fond of the sommer, because you like being active. You are attractive and openminded, and... Read more


You love your work and the people working there. You are fond of talking to people and let them listen, and you are very active outside of work. You are a career-person, and people look at you with re... Read more


You are somewhat a show-off. You like to tell people your secrets, but only get intimate if you really know your lover to the bones. Water is your right element, and you love to bathe. Hey, you might ... Read more


You are dirty. You are nonstop active. You are sexy. And you are not affrain of showing yourself off in any way. Only one question remains: Are you a pair of boxers or a g-string? Read more


Sexy, no doubt about it. People tend to see you as an easy target. Now it is all up to you to let those people get in or out. You are kinky and kind, but more a show-off than a take-off. Read more


Oh my goodness! You are HOT! You are not even to be in any clothing-category since you are too sexy and selfasure to be taking this test! Read more


Practical, but not the coolest person who ever evolved from the abes. Active, indeed, and ment for the outdoor lifestyle, and you can be taken along to almost everywhere. Although people rarely do, du... Read more


Active, hard working, tough, but only clean at special arrangements. Only few see you as the sexy person, and that would be only because of your somewhat active lifestyle. And maybe your body. Read more


You are a "drag-along". People take the goys like you to their parties and clubs not because you are cool or sexy, but you are active like hell. You are as much in command like a parrot on the captain... Read more


Active lifestyle is what defines you the most. You are funny and all, but you are not the most gentle person on the planet. You don't really care about your looks, only be the reason that you know yo... Read more


You couldn't be more average. Some people like you, some people don't. Some people think you are hot, some people don't. You're not really active, you're not really something to brag about. But all in... Read more


You are cuddly and sweet, and you are the quiet type. Everyone likes you as a friend, but you are loved only by few. But the once that fall in love with you stick with you, unless you dump them. Read more

High heeled shoes

One word: Kinky! You don't care about what people of you, and as long as they don't ask questions, they're yours. You don't talk while having sex, but you possible scream when having orgasms. Read more

Leather Pants

Somewhat kinky, somewhat normal. You are possibly good looking, and possibly tough. You might be referred to as the schools #1 catch. Which wont be hard, since you are pretty open to almost everything... Read more

Tight pants

You are sexy and openminded, and people like you just the way you are: popular. You are a party-person, dancing and laughing. You wouldn't be active if you could help it, and if sporty, you always was... Read more

Flat boots

You are deffinately hiding something. You are a troubled and lonely person who would rather be doing walks in the forest or at the beach than be at some lame party. You are the silent type, and possib... Read more


You are talanted, somewhat active and got a lot of self controle. But if pushed over your personal limits and borders, you tend to get agressive. If not sexy and physically attractive, people see you ... Read more


Cloaked in mysteries, you are very aware of what you are doing, and what people think of you. You are not the sexiest person in the world, but you wrap yourself in both to seem even more mysterious, b... Read more

Running shoes

You are very active, both in everyday privacy or at work. But when you get home, then your excuse to yourself for being active is that you got a lot on your mind. You are soft and gentle, but tough an... Read more


You seem tough, and most people respect you for what you are. But you keep to yourself. You might even be some type of outsider: The geek in the backgruond, a bully too mean for the most, or maybe a g... Read more


You love spending "me-time", and like being alone. You are the artist, the lover, a mysterious flower in bloom, and you are a little self-aware. You keep secrets to yourself, and you are a nice person... Read more

High heeled boots

Tall, handsome, kinky, might even be sexy. On the outside. On the inside you are a private person with a few flaws. You are troubled, but active. Maybe you are ashamed of yourself, and are using your ... Read more


On the outside you are very sexy, and most people find you attractive. But on the inside you are very sensitive. You just need to settle down and tell someone. You are mysterious in many ways, but you... Read more


You are the dress. You like to look good, but you are somewhat aware of your personal life. You are a great person, but few might see you as a slut. You are fine, quiet and clean. A natural beauty. Read more

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