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Their result for The Waht type of car person are ya Test ...

Category 9

You scored 90 Show, 100 Go, and 65 Culture!

The Streak You gotta go fast but why not look good doing it? You want some speed but you want to look good when you come to the inevitable stop light.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Show Distribution

    They scored 90% on Show, higher than 77% of your peers.

  • Go Distribution

    They scored 100% on Go, higher than 4% of your peers.

  • Culture Distribution

    They scored 65% on Culture, higher than 19% of your peers.

All possible test results

Category 1

The Uninitiated You're a Bare Bones kinda person. Or maybe cars just aren't your thing, well not hot rods, pimped rides or old schoolers at least. Read more

Category 2

The Purist Ok basic is badass, and you may not look the best or go the fastest but, hell, it's more about the culture and American Muscle not the other stuff Read more

Category 3

The Sportster It may not be all about fast, for you but you enjoy occasional speed. The purist pussies ain't for you and the flashy buzz bomb is your enemy. Read more

Category 4

The Old Style Rodder It's about power yeah, but you gotta do it the right way, Old style. These new rice rockets and even some of the new rods, just piss you off and those kids who like stickers and... Read more

Category 5

The Speed Freak You roll with your own crowd and love the thrill of an open highway. It's all about the power, and speed for you, none of that mamby pamby rodder culture or those pussies with more t... Read more

Category 6

The Muscle Head You most resembel the muscle car era. It's all about the hot rodders culture, and about the big bruiser power. The late sixties/early sevnties were your kind of era with the muscle ... Read more

Category 2

The Pretty One Show isn't all that your about, but you gotta look good on the roll or it isn't worth rollin. Read more

Category 8

The LowRider Looking good is important but so is keeping it classic. It rides slow and looks good but everyone knows you're a car afficionado. Read more

Category 9

The Streak You gotta go fast but why not look good doing it? You want some speed but you want to look good when you come to the inevitable stop light. Read more

Category 10

Custom Rod Gotta go fast, Gotta look good, but overall you gotta know your shit. Waht's the point of looking good and going fast if you can't explain how it works or know when and when not to lay do... Read more

Category 11

The Rocket You embody the term new age muscle. It's gotta go fast, blindingly fast at that and you have to look nice when u blow by them. But, you more like to simply buy the car modified, and not ... Read more

Category 12

Hardcore Yeah some bling is essential to rounding out your ride but, the joy of working on it and knowing it intimately are important too. And the overwhelming need for speed runs in your blood. Y... Read more

Category 13

Pimpin' it slow If it ain't Pimp my ride caliber then it ain'y for you. Looking good is of paramount importance so what if it barely has the power to move. It's all you. Read more

Category 14

The Cadillac It's gotta be classy, and it has to be workable. No hard to find parts, and no speed for you. It's all about the local drive in scene for you. Read more

Category 15

The Quick and the Pretty You need the looks but you need the go. Its that simple. The people and working on it aren't your thing but you defiantely take pride in your ride. Read more

Category 16

The Lead Sled You do it custom, on your own, and its gotta have some move to it, but most important are the looks and the nosalgia for you. You know the car insidea nd out and show off on cruise nig... Read more

Category 17

My Way Lookin good cruisin the neighborhood. That your ideal, really though you want thec ar delivered like that and kept that way by someone else. You have a busy life, no time for the car. This ... Read more

Category 18

The whole package You love it all, speed, power and the looks. Read more

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