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Their result for The RGS Test ...

Alex Dungate

You scored 82 Intellegence, 40 Sportyness, and 31 Friendliness!

Quite the intellect.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Intellegence Distribution

    They scored 82% on Intellegence, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • Sportyness Distribution

    They scored 40% on Sportyness, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • Friendliness Distribution

    They scored 31% on Friendliness, higher than 0% of your peers.

All possible test results

Oliver Gadd

Perhaps the dullest person on the planet, and your him. Well Done. Read more

Sam Prestaige

A very friendly man indeed! Read more

Joe Tanner

Hmmmm....... I'll let you decide how you take this. Read more

Ross Grimstone

Take it as you like. Read more

Alex Dungate

Quite the intellect. Read more

Hugh Bradbury

A friendly, intellegent chap. Read more

Alan Belmore

Wow, you get to be me! Read more

Tom Wickersham

Well ladee da, aren't you the amazing one! Read more

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