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The Rock Star

52 % Normalcy, 42 % Artiness, 75 % Hard Working, 48 % Expressiveness

Everyones dream. This test was designed with normalcy in mind. If you scored this you are running with mainstream pack.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Normalcy Distribution

    They scored 52% on Normalcy, higher than 54% of your peers.

  • Artiness Distribution

    They scored 42% on Artiness, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • Hard Working Distribution

    They scored 75% on Hard Working, higher than 76% of your peers.

  • Expressiveness Distribution

    They scored 48% on Expressiveness, higher than 8% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Internet Scammer

You dont like to work hard and your not very creative. You also seem to have a lack of personality...This job is great for you because you wont have to actually work. Read more

The Street Performer

You probably dont like to work too hard but you love to express yourself! Maybe you spend too much time showing off around your friends or you spend entirely too much time in the mirror...This job is ... Read more

The Drug Dealer

You are a hard worker but you dont like to be noticed to much...hey...its a quick way to make money! Read more

Body Piercer

You are an artist that is hardcore. You love helping people express themselves. And you work your ass off to get noticed. Read more

The Muralist

You so into art its just bursting onto the walls next to you! You were the kid who got in trouble for doodling on the walls or adding some art to your test papers. You can actually get paid to draw on... Read more

The Fortune Teller

You have a way with words! You can read someone the minute you see them and now what to say to make them like you. Read more

The Stripper

It takes some hard work and an artists eye to make a good stripper.Quick cash for college! Read more

The Tattoo Artist

My personal favorite. It takes hard work and a lot of artistic expression to become a tattoo artist. Read more

Massage Therapist

Hey its a more normal job. But since you scored highest in normalcy you probably dont mind. Read more

Free Lancer

You are more suited to expressing yourself through words or pictures. Free Lancers actually make quite a bit of money going through different magazines and newspapers! Read more

Coffee Shop Owner

You work hard to keep yourself employed. Maybe you should own your own business. Read more

Hair Sylist

Your bubbling with enough self expression that you just make others want to show it themselves. This is the perfect way to help them! Read more

The DJ

You know what that crowd wants to hear...so give it to them! Read more

The Starving Artist

You are more likely to be found with your head down doodling away on your next masterpiece than preparing for that big meeting tomorrow! Read more

The Sculptor

I bet you've never considered pottery as a hobby. Its a great stress relief. Who knows, you may become the next Michaelangelo! Read more

The Rock Star

Everyones dream. This test was designed with normalcy in mind. If you scored this you are running with mainstream pack. Read more

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