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King of the demons, Dabura travels with Babidi to Earth to help him gather energy for Majin Buu's resurrection. He turns Krillin and Piccolo to stone by spitting. He is eaten by Buu in a cookie form. Once in the dead world, Dabura sees Chi-Chi and Bulma and talks. He wasn't really bad. Just controlled by Babidi.

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You probably just skipped through all of the questions so I reckon you probably look like the guy on the left. Read more


Raditz is Goku's big brother. Evil, like all saiyans, he came to Earth to destroy all life on the planet. His fatal mistake was that he made Gohan mad... and... well, if you know Gohan you know that's... Read more


You can't fight to save you're self, you're manipulative, you act out of want for power that you cannot control and you are generally a lame DBZ character. Read more

Master Roshi

You are kind at heart and fight for the side of good. Master Roshi lives on an island in the middle of nowhere and enjoys hanging out with his turtle friend, cheating on crossword puzzles and being vo... Read more


Yajirobe hardly ever fights. The only time he's useful is when he cut off Vegeta's tail in the early episodes. Then he tried to slice Vegeta up when his back was turned... Vegeta turned around and mad... Read more

Dr Gero (#20)

#20, otherwise known as Dr. Gero, created Cell, #16, #17, #18, and #19. He made an android body for himself to become more powerful. #20, like #19, can absorb energy balls. He is destroyed by #17. Read more

King Kai

If you ever manage to get all the way to the end of Snake Way, you'll come across a tiny little planet. This is the home of King Kai, rumored to be the greatest martial arts instructor there is. Troub... Read more


Chiaotzu is a telepath with various mental powers like mind reading and telekinesis. A former student of the vengeful Crane Hermit, Chiaotzu battled Krillin in the 22nd World Martial Arts tournament. ... Read more

Eternal Dragon

The Eternal Dragon (this particular one being Shenron of Earth) grants wishes to anyone who assembles the seven dragonballs and successfully summons him. Read more

Ginyu Force

These five fighters are supposedly the strongest team in the universe. If they'd cut Guldo, Burter, Jeice, and Recoome and then add four more Capt. Ginyus maybe they'd have a team... These guys have s... Read more


This overly large saiyan accompanied Vegeta to earth in search of the dragonballs. Nappa although large is not nearly as strong as Vegeta. Vegeta betrays and kills Nappa because he was 'too weak' Read more


Frieza is the cocky bad guy that controls the Planet Trade and all saiyans. He has four forms. After destroying Krillin, Vegeta, almost all the Nameks, and nearly Piccolo, Goku becomes Super-Saiyan an... Read more


Yamcha first appeared in the Dragon Ball series as a bandit who wanted the dragonballs to wish for a girlfriend. He, instead, found himself teamed up with Goku. Bulma is his former girlfriend until Ve... Read more

Android 18

#18 is one of the many androids the Z team has to face after Trunks comes from the future and destroys Frieza. She was created by Dr. Gero and later she and #17 destroy him. She is absorbed by Cell, a... Read more


King of the demons, Dabura travels with Babidi to Earth to help him gather energy for Majin Buu's resurrection. He turns Krillin and Piccolo to stone by spitting. He is eaten by Buu in a cookie form. ... Read more


Krillin's been best friends with Goku since the original Dragon Ball series. Although outclassed by most fighters in the series, Krillin always seems to be in on the major fights. He is known for bein... Read more

Android 16

#16 is the first android Dr. G. ever made. He is also the strongest android Dr. Gero ever made and is considered a 'malfunction' and was never meant to fight. After #16 was destroyed by Cell Gohan tur... Read more


Piccolo is the former arch-enemy of Goku in the previous series, Dragon Ball. Piccolo teams up with Goku in Dragonball Z. He is actually Kami, years ago Kami split himself into two people, good (Kami)... Read more


Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma and is Goten's best friend. He is a hybrid between a saiyan and a human, making him very strong. He becomes a super-saiyan at an early age. He first appears when ... Read more


n my opinion he's one of the strongest baddies. Cell is otherwise known as #21. His main purpose was to destroy #17 and #18 because of #20's death at the hands of them. Cell has three forms, the third... Read more


Okay, this is confusing. Buu is a demon with very many forms (i.e. Fat Buu, Majin Buu, etc.) that can absorb anyone. Once his victim is absorbed, they enter his body (this causes Vegeto to 'unfuse'). ... Read more


Gohan is the son of Goku who made his debut in Dragonball Z. His dream is to become a great scholar (Well, his mother dreams for him). Gohan has the potential to become more powerful than his father, ... Read more


Once buu; goku uses the dragonballs to reincarnate buu as a good being with all his power. Uub was the result. Read more


We first meet Vegeta when he comes to Earth with Nappa to gather the dragonballs for immortality. Vegeta betrays and kills Nappa because he was 'too weak'. He teams up with the Z team reluctantly to d... Read more


The easy-going hero of DBZ, Goku is good-natured man that always finds the 'good' in people where others don't. However, his opponents always seem to take advantage of that. (i.e. Giving Frieza some e... Read more


Gotenks is the fused form of Goten and Trunks by means of a fusion dance. He is one of the few characters that reaches super-saiyan 3 and is pretty cool. He makes up names for all his attacks (i.e. Su... Read more


You are the bomb! You have both characteristics of goku and vegeta. Vegeto is the fused form of Vegeta and Goku by use of special earrings. The fusion is permanent. They only use it once (Majin Buu ab... Read more

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