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You scored 76% Quality, 22% Size, 68% Range, and 69% Power!

You are STEYR's entry in the US's Advanced Combat Rifle program. A futuristic bullpup firing a 5.56mm discarding-sabot flechette, you're capable of firing your 'little arrow's along completely flat trajectories at speeds in excess of 4,000 feet per second. You also happen to be a personal favorite of the author of this test. ^_~

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Quality Distribution

    They scored 76% on Quality, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • Size Distribution

    They scored 22% on Size, higher than 14% of your peers.

  • Range Distribution

    They scored 68% on Range, higher than 97% of your peers.

  • Power Distribution

    They scored 69% on Power, higher than 99% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Liberator

Chances are, you have no idea how to use a gun, and that's ok! Manufactured on a massive scale and airdropped in a nice little package with a set of detailed instructions, the Liberator is made to be ... Read more

The Skorpion

You are the VZ-61 Skorpion. You can pack a real punch and have a pretty high rate of fire, but in such a small frame and with so little innovative features (not to mention the lack of an effective sto... Read more

The Sola-Super

Chances are you haven't heard of this gun, and for good reason. You're pretty sub-par in all respects, although you've got fairly good accuracy and range. You do have the distinction of being the only... Read more

The Desert Eagle

Everyone's heard of you- the Desert Eagle. .50 caliber Desert Eagle to be precise (no one knows your .357 cousin- or cares). Famously known as one of the most impractical pistols for military use, you... Read more

The CSRG Mle 1915

Congratulations, you're known as being the most horrible 'light' machine gun of all time! =D After an upgrade to the .30 cal round, you can brag about being more powerful than your 8mm Lebel-firing p... Read more

The AK-47 (AKM)

The favorite of low-budget armies, criminals, and terrorists everywhere, you are the AK-47, or more specifically and technically, the AKM. Made from wood and steel and using a simple yet foolproof fir... Read more

The M16

You are the Colt M16. While the second most popular rifle in the world, you have been subject to controversy since you were first wielded in the jungles of 'Nam. Requiring many technical improvements ... Read more

The Dragunov SVD

Mostly borrowing from the AK-47, but adding some length and a scope, you are the Dragunov SVD. You may not be made using the most modern materials, but you're as reliable as your AK-47 cousin, almost ... Read more

The St. Etienne 1917

You're the RSC Modele 1917. Give yourself a hand, so at least someone does, 'cause you suck hard. Cumbersome, poorly manufactured, and underpowered, you are the patent result of French engineering. Co... Read more

The Model 97

Large, powerful, and extremely uncomfortable to use, you are the Japanese Model 97. ...You're pretty impractical as an anti-materiel rifle. Sure, you're effective against armored vehicles at long rang... Read more

The Maxim Gun

You are the Maxim Machine Gun, Mark 1. On the one hand, you were revolutionary for your time. On the other hand, you're huge, crude, weak, and wouldn't hold a candle to the modern machine gun. Sorry.... Read more

The PTRD 41

Watch where you swing that thing! Large and in charge, you are the 14.5mm(!) PTRD41. 1337 enough to punch through tanks at long range, you are one of the most powerful weapons ever devised. You're als... Read more

The MP5K

A favorite of sexy heroines in video games and cinema (as in female heroes, not the drug), you are the MP5K. All in all, a very well put together weapon in a very compact package. While you have limit... Read more

The FN P90

The chosen submachine gun of both the United Nations and Saudi Arabia, you are the Fabrique National P90. Compact, sexy, erganomic, innovative, and powerful, you look sci-fi enough to be used in Star ... Read more

The Hammerli 160

You are possibly one of the sexiest handguns ever made, but that's due in part to the fact that you're designed for target-shooting, not combat. While fragile and weak as far as firearms go, you are b... Read more


You are STEYR's entry in the US's Advanced Combat Rifle program. A futuristic bullpup firing a 5.56mm discarding-sabot flechette, you're capable of firing your 'little arrow's along completely flat tr... Read more

The EM2

You are the British designed and manufactured (though not past the prototype stage) Number 9 Mark 1 EM2. A bullpup of exceptional performance, international narrow-mindedness kept you from being put i... Read more

The Jackhammer

You're the Mark-Three Jackhammer. Innovative, powerful, and compact given your specs, you are dreamed about by shotgun-lovers everywhere. You may not have any military takers yet, but that's their los... Read more

The WA2000

Day-am. You are the Walther WA2000, and while you are of extremely high quality, you use a weak bullet and command a hefty pricetag, so you're quite inadequite for the mass-production that could get y... Read more

The G3

Gutentag! You are the Heckler&Koch Gewehr Drei (H&K G3 to most), and although you are complex and expensive to manufacture, you're fairly popular and still in service more than 40 years after you were... Read more

The MG34

You are the MG34, predecessor to what is arguably the greatest light machine gun of all time. While you lack the ridiculous ROF of the MG42, you are still a very well made and classic weapon. Read more


A large, cumbersome weapon that was quietly removed from the US army's combat tests, the OICW was long considered the weapon of the future. Perhaps a descendant of it will be some day, but that day is... Read more

The SL8

You are the Heckler and Koch SL8: a large, yet attractive sporting rifle. While not suited to combat, you faithfully fulfill your role as a competent civilian rifle. Read more

The Minigun

You are the XM214 minigun. Huge and noisy with a very high rate of fire, you're definitely not one to mess with, though you're much more suited to gunship mountings than to being held in the arms of a... Read more

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