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Barack Obama

13 World_saver, 3 Impulsive, 5 Technological and 3 Mystique!

It's common knowledge, at least among those of us who follow informed, unbiased media, that Barack Obama is actually a muslim communist liberal lesbian. Few people seem to be aware of his skills with pheromone based brainwashing, though. It's obvious that he has learned how to extract unknown elixirs from strange plants growing on Hawaii (that's a mysterious group of islands, I tell you). These elixirs have been spread through the atmosphere under cover of the US space program, (which we all know is just a hoax, right?) to turn the people of Earth into chemically enslaved drones. People like you, whose natural resistance has been diminished by your over-use of technical devices, are extra sensitive. Obama has also trained his hypnotic qualities to get to those who are resistant to chemical manipulation. Just look at those dark, beautiful eyes! Daaaaark...

Gee, I nearly lost it there. Anyway, this is why he got elected. Face it, there's no way the American people would have voted for him otherwise! He's a muslim communist liberal lesbian, for Christ's sake!

Unfortunately, you seem to have been affected by the Obama virus. That's why you behave irrationally, yet in a goodie-goodie way. Or else, you happen to be a muslim communist liberal lesbian too. I doubt it, though.

What your score means:

World saver: All scales range from -15 to 15. At 15 on World saver you're the kind of bastard who wants to shove your saintly ways down everyone else's throats. At -15 you're the kind of bastard who'd never care for anyone who isn't useful to your egocentric purposes. Then there are lots of bastards in between. You got 13 on this scale.

Impulsive: At 15 on this scale you're the annoying kind of person who's completely lust-driven and extremely hard to predict. At -15 you're the annoying kind of person who can't scratch your nose without making a detailed action plan a week ahead. Then there's lots of annoyance in between. You got 3 on this scale.

Technological: Is technological even a real word? Anyway, at 15 on this scale you're the kind of sick techno-fetishist who'd have sex with a cell-phone if sex wasn't too organic for you. At -15 you're the sick kind of nature loon who thinks that fire and the wheel are too hi-tech. Then there's loads of sickness in between. You got 5 on this scale.

Mystique: At 15 on this scale you're the weird kind of person who's shrouded in mystery to the extent that people doubt your existence whenever you're not around. At -15 you're the weird kind of person who is completely down to earth, to the extent that people might think you're a machine or something. Then there's a lot of weirdness in between. You got 3 on this scale.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • World_saver Distribution

    They scored 13% on World_saver, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • Impulsive Distribution

    They scored 3% on Impulsive, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • Technological Distribution

    They scored 5% on Technological, higher than 71% of your peers.

  • Mystique Distribution

    They scored 3% on Mystique, higher than 80% of your peers.

All possible test results

Barack Obama

It's common knowledge, at least among those of us who follow informed, unbiased media, that Barack Obama is actually a muslim communist liberal lesbian. Few people seem to be aware of his... Read more

A chip implanted by the government

Gee, you shouldn't be so trusting when it comes to technology. Computers, cell phones, MP3 players are all gizmos that the government fill up with nanorobots that implant small tracking and... Read more

Osama bin Laden

We can all agree that Allah exists, whether we think he's the One God or the Moon God of the old Arab desert tribes, right? So why shouldn't that god be able to give his foremost follower,... Read more

The Pope

You're a little do-gooder, aren't you, who's always ready to do what's best for your fellow human beings and the world at large? Well, you may think that you have come to be like that on yo... Read more

The Illuminati

I suppose that this may seem as a bit of a lame result. So, you're being secretly manipulated by the Illuminati? I mean, aren't we all? But considering that the ... Read more

Your designer

Ok, make sure you're sitting down and take a deep breath... You are a robot! Or really a cyborg, but robot will do for now. In the late 1970's a corporation called FriendTech created a seri... Read more

Space Dolphins

Ah, dolphins! They are agile and beautiful, they have bigger brains than humans and they even have a really cool extra sense that works a little like a radar! It only makes sense to believ... Read more

The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. As such, he is the 14th incarnation of the same spirit, which should clearly have been enough to advice you t... Read more

A Wii remote

As you probably already know, some people are extra sensitive to electro-magnetic fields, infrared radiation, etc, especially those who like to use technology a lot. Unfortunately, you seem... Read more

A Mad Scientist

You really shouldn't have spent that much time on the Internet! Being online means that you're a sitting duck for that special breed of researcher that is now becoming common again, after h... Read more


Congratulations! In this strange world of ours, it's very difficult to avoid being drawn into cults or being manipulated by secret societies. However, you are one of the select few who did ... Read more

A small child with psychic powers

Somewhere, not far from where you live, there is a small kid (less than three years old) with powerful psychic powers. Most people are aware that some people have the power to influence oth... Read more

The Yakuza

Experiencing black-outs? Absentminded? Well, that's because the Japanese criminal organization known as The Yakuza has got you in their grip. They have a way of kidnapping people like you, ... Read more

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is, of course, one of the most well-known scientologists out there. As such, it is obvious that he is the one actually running the show, being the secret head of the church. Howe... Read more


This is so bizarre! Believe it or not, but you're actually one of the few people who have not been snared by one of the secret societies, mysterious cult... Read more

The Militia Movement

As natural resources become scarce, there are a few strong, dedicated women and men who will not let mere morals and ethics stand in the way of their survival in the harsh new world brought... Read more

The Helloquizzy Staff

You committed the unforgivable sin of not answering all the questions properly! Therefore the people at helloquizz has launched their Subliminal Hypnotic Enslavement Routine and run it through your co... Read more

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