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No Powers

Sorry, you didn't get any powers. You appear to be completely normal. Tough luck.

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No Powers

Sorry, you didn't get any powers. You appear to be completely normal. Tough luck. Read more

Control the Elements

Wow, pretty cool! Earth, air, fire, and water are at your beckon call and command. You don't just control the weather, but the very forces and elements of nature itself! Way to go! Read more

Read Minds

You're a psychic and you can read minds! But please don't read my mind right now, because I'm imagining you naked. Of course, you're probably already used to people doing that. Ah, the joys of bein... Read more


That's right, you can see the future! You have precognition, you know what's gonna happen before it does! Few powers are as useful as this, so good for you! Congrats. But you probably already knew... Read more

Super Strength

Yup, classic but ever useful, super strength. Heroes and villains have been using this power from the very beginning, and it's still popular to this day. Every team needs a guy or gal with super str... Read more


You are invincible. Your body is made of steel, or something solid and indestructible like it. Nothing can break you. Nothing can stop you. Raar! Read more


Was that a ghost? No, it's just you. You can turn invisible! Congrats, that's a really useful power to have when sneaking into places -- like girls (or boys) locker rooms or top secret government o... Read more


Think of a place and you're there -- you have teleportation! No more waiting in line at airport security or paying outrageous gas prices at the pump. You can travel just about anywhere in the blink ... Read more

Energy Blasts

You can blast energy -- out of your hands, or your eyes, or use-your-imagination somewhere else. This power comes in really handy, especially since it's really good for attacking villains (or heroes)... Read more

Gravity Manipulation

Very cool. You control gravity. Which, of course, you can use to make yourself fly and do other cool tricks. But you can also apply this awesome power for crushing your enemies, rearranging the ter... Read more

Force Field

Every team needs someone with your powers. With a mere thought, you can protect everyone with an impenetrable force field. Granted, it's not the best offensive power ever (unless you get really crea... Read more

Illusions / Doubles

You can create very real and very convincing optical illusions -- illusions that others can see and feel! As your power grows, you'll be able to control these illusions ... making an infinite number ... Read more

Super Speed

You're fast. Really fast. You have super speed. You've won every race you've ever been in. You're never late to work. And get to avoid sitting in traffic in rush hour, because you just run home. ... Read more

Time Travel

You can travel through time. Very, very cool. Just don't go back and accidentally kill your grandfather or anything, because then you'll be stuck in an endless paradox loop. But you already know ab... Read more


You are the master of all forms, the man (or woman ... and now you get to choose) of a million faces. You're a shape-shifter. A changeling. You can to look like and be anyone and anything you want!... Read more


Awesome powers, infinite longevity ... you are immortal! You are like one of the gods. Heck, you probably are one of the gods. Thanks for taking this test, oh mighty one. Have mercy on us poor mor... Read more

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