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The Drifter

71% ability, 66% stability, 58% determination

It's sad really. Your intelligent, ambitious and full of potential. But despite all that you could be, you run from it. Maybe your a dreamer, or perhaps you had a bad childhood, no matter what it is, or was that made you this way, it prevents you from achieving greatness. You wander, wether around the planet, or in your own mind, your not satisfied, and until you conquer your own demons you never will be. The 18 personality types are: The slave, The Rat, The Evil Rat, The Faceless Crowd, The Knight, The Warrior, The Snob, The Drifter, The Child, The Mother, The Worker, The Intellectual, The Human Waste, The Trouble Maker, The Devil, The Advisor, The King and The Chosen One.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • ability Distribution

    They scored 71% on ability, higher than 50% of your peers.

  • stability Distribution

    They scored 66% on stability, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • determination Distribution

    They scored 58% on determination, higher than 37% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Slave

Your a slave. people use you. you lack intelligence, moral values, and ambition. As a result, you do things you shouldn't and may not even want to. Your lazy, mentally unbalanced, and stupid. You will... Read more

The Rat

Lacking intelligence and any sense of direction to your life, you snatch and steal what ever you can. ambitous, you try and latch onto anyone or anything that you think may help you. As a result other... Read more

The Evil Rat

Like your counterpart the rat, your a manipulative, cunning, ambitious person, lacking intelligence and any sense of right or wrong, you would just as easily stab your mother or enemies in the back if... Read more

The Faceless Crowd

your a decent ordinary person. not very bright, you have limited skills and abilities, your the type of person who is content with just exsisting, you don't really care to live life. your a nobody, an... Read more

The Knight

Your the knight. professions you would be ideally suited for: a police officer, a fireman, a solider. Your not super intelligent, but your a good honorable person. Your a family man/woman. You do the... Read more

The Warrior

Like your friend the Knight, your a good person. you believe in making the world a better place even if you don't know how. You have a lot of energy and determination to make things better and you tru... Read more

The Snob

Your an inaffectual intellectual. You think alot about how to make the world a better place, and you like to tell people about it, but in the end you don't do anything about it. Your selfish, and havi... Read more

The Drifter

It's sad really. Your intelligent, ambitious and full of potential. But despite all that you could be, you run from it. Maybe your a dreamer, or perhaps you had a bad childhood, no matter what it is,... Read more

The Child

your intelligent, and very ambitious. You have big dreams, to big, their unrealistic. You lack the stability and experience in your life to know the difference between what you want and what you think... Read more

The Mother

Your a protector, a provider, a nurturer. You'd be a good mother or father. your intelligent, and have a well round and insightful outlook on life and yourself. You lack ambition, but that's a good th... Read more

The Worker

Your reliable. you get things done. with balanced amounts of intelligence, stability and ambition, your the builder, the manager, the gears that make our world work. Your the even tempered, focused in... Read more

The Intellectual

Your a thinker. Your a dreamer. But unlike the snob or the drifter you actually pursue your goals and dreams. Your the type to run a corperation, or affect social political movements. Your one of the ... Read more

The Human Waste

Your one of the worst members of this world. You have the potenial to be truely great like enstein or Davinci, but you never will be. Instead of using your gifts you waste them. Lazy and selfish your ... Read more

The Trouble Maker

intelligent, genius even, your ambitious and determined, with a wide range of skills and abilites to take you far in life. there's just one problem, you lack a moral compass. without a defined sense o... Read more

The Devil

You have more ability, intelligence and ambition then 95 % of humanity. unfortunately for you ( or should I say us?) you have no ethics. You will do what ever, to who ever you want to get ahead. And w... Read more

The Advisor

Your the second in command. a genius, with a clearly defined sense of morals, your a guide and advisor to the leaders of the world. your lack of ambition is what makes you truely great. You have no de... Read more

The King

your the king. The one ment to watch over the rest of humanity. A great leader. to guide us, to protect us, a fatherly figure. Your intelligent, wise, kind yet strong, ambitious, but not to much as lo... Read more

The Chosen One

you are The Chosen One. You have the potenial to do anything. The world is yours to make as you see fit. an inovator, you inspire change in technology, in yourself, in others. simple exsisting makes t... Read more

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