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Dark hazelnut croq

You are a dark hazelnut croquant: Choice hazelnuts roasted to perfection, bathed in dark chocolate.

You don't sit still for long and you love to get out there and party. "More play, less work" could be your motto. You're not afraid of anyone or anything and always speak your mind. Perhaps you could take the feelings of others into consideration a bit more. You definitely have your moments of open-mindedness and creativity, but you could stand to be just a bit....well, sweeter :)

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All possible test results

Milk chocolate whip

You are a milk chocolate whip.Sorry, I had to run over to the local card store and grab you out of a box of Russell Stover. You’re not quite Godiva material. You’re very calm and laid back; ... Read more

Milk chocolate heart

You are a Godiva milk chocolate heart: a milk chocolate cream in a milk chocolate heart-shaped shellAh, the simple, classic milk chocolate cream heart. No one can really have a problem with th... Read more

Vanilla caramel

You are a vanilla caramel: a traditional creamy caramel covered in milk chocolate. You are a total sweetheart, but a bit of a sleeping beauty. You're a good person and a great friend, but you ... Read more


You are a Mielodie, from the Godiva Platinum Collection: sweet and salty honeyed almond butter praliné in white chocolate. The Mielodie is an interesting piece....It's sweet and salty... Read more

Open Oyster

You are an Open Oyster: a creamy blend of finely ground hazelnuts and milk chocolate in a milk chocolate shell. Sometimes you're open, sometimes you're closed, but hidden deep within is a pear... Read more

Coconut truffle

You are a smooth coconut truffle: Creamy coconut filling accented with coconut flakes, in a milk chocolate shell. Soft and irresistably sweet. I would label you as an introvert though....you ... Read more


You are a chestnut: Chocolate cream and hazelnut praliné in milk chocolate. You have a hard shell that can make you seem closed off to everyone, but that's probably because you're so involved... Read more

Praline Cascade

You are a praline cascade: A creamy blend of finely ground hazelnuts and bits of biscuit covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with candied sugar. Ah, the praline cascade, a mountain overfl... Read more

Rasp Caramel Cashew

You are a raspberry caramel cashew bouchee (that's a mouthful!): Cream raspberry caramel and cashews surrounded by white chocolate, and topped with a solid dark chocolate medallion.You are a v... Read more

Dark Grande Mint

You are a dark grande mint: A mint cream center in a dark chocolate shell. You have a major wild streak, but you tend to be a bit on the egotistical side. Mint is cool, much like you, and not ... Read more

Dark choc truffle

You are a Dark Chocolate Truffle: Traditional dark chocolate ganache wrapped in dark chocolate. You're a wild child, but you have your sweet moments. It's hard to ever tie you down, but you kn... Read more

Tasmanian Honey

You are a Tasmanian Honey: honey in white ganache, wrapped in dark chocolate. You are as sweet as they come...definitely full of honey. You also have a wild streak and are a total kid at heart... Read more

Dark hazelnut croq

You are a dark hazelnut croquant: Choice hazelnuts roasted to perfection, bathed in dark chocolate. You don't sit still for long and you love to get out there and party. "More play, less work"... Read more

Marzipan Almond

You are a marzipan almond: Marzipan center topped with a roasted almond in a dark chocolate shell. Like the song, you're a little bit of everything, all rolled into one. You're not afraid to ... Read more

Cherry Cordial

You are a cherry cordial: A whole cherry in kirsch flavored sweet syrup in a dark chocolate shell.You are oozing with sweetness, but in a very nice way. You're not afraid to let loose...someti... Read more

Pecan Croquant

You are a pecan croquant: Chunks of pecans and crispe, covered in milk chocolate, decorated with dark chocolate. You love to be the life of the party and have a distinctively unique flair tha... Read more


You are a razabelle, from Godiva's Platinum Collection: Refreshing raspberry layered over sweet vanilla caramel and decked in dark chocolate. What a great mix of fun, creativity, and sweetness... Read more

Mexican Hot Chocolat

You are Mexican Hot Chocolate, from Godiva's G Collection: cinnamon, vanilla, habanero pepper, milk and dark chocolate.Wow, this is a quite a chocolate to be. You got this because you have it ... Read more

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