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Their result for The Giant Robot of Destruction Test ...

You are Gigantor!

You scored 55 Bigness and 60 Smashy-Smashy!

Also known as, "Tetsujin 28", you are a giant robot designed to stop crime and controlled by a small 12 year old boy. Only half of your series made it to the US. You're strong, quick and powerful, but you're still completely suberviant to a young boy with a firm grasp on your joy stick. Man, does that sound lewd. Oh, and Helmet covered your theme song about a decade ago. See, you're still relevant in some way.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Bigness Distribution

    They scored 55% on Bigness, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • Smashy-Smashy Distribution

    They scored 60% on Smashy-Smashy, higher than 61% of your peers.

All possible test results

Rosey the Robot!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, but you are not a giant robot, nor are you a destructive force than increases insurance premiums. You wash dishes and walk a Scooby-Doo ripoff. You are about the... Read more

Marvin from HHg2tg

Don't Panic! Actually, wait. DO panic. You're Marvin the Paranoid Android. Oh wait, what's the point of panicking. It's all useless anyway. I mean, why get worked up over anything, when no matter what... Read more

You are GIR!

Behold your moosey fate! MOOSEY FATE! You are GIR, sidekick to Invader ZIM! You enjoy making waffles, playing with pigs and watching the scary monkey show. Plus you have a dog costume. Let's go eat a ... Read more

You are Bender!

Although you were originally designed for bending girders, you've become a real robot's robot, even if you are pretty small compared to the other guys on this test. You're a con man, a bully, a petty ... Read more

You are a Dalek!

According to the Oxford Dictionary a Dalek is, "Any of a set of fictional robot-like creations that are aggressive, mobile, and produce rasping staccato speech." but we know the truth don't we? You a... Read more

You are Gunther!

From the show "Lost in Space," Gunter stands for "General Utility Non THeorizing Environmental Robot." You weren't in the original Pilot, but you qucikly became the star of the show even though you'... Read more

You are a Golem!

Although not a robot in a conventional sort, you were the closest thing to one for thousands of years. Often made of clay, a Golem was a protector of Jewish Communities. However, every so often they'd... Read more

Steel Battalion Mech

You are a mech from the video game Steel Battalion for the Microsoft Xbox. This game costs 200$ simply because of the joystick it takes to pilot you. With over thirty controls and three foot peddals, ... Read more

You are Gort!

This might be a bit obscure for those of you who get this. Gort is the robot from the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still." He doesn't look like much but he is an unstoppable killing machine that no ... Read more

You are Ed-209

Developed by OCP and later abandoned for the "Robocop" program, Ed-209 is a machine of pure destructive force. He's a bit of a thicko, and stairs are his achilles heel, but what he lacks in these area... Read more

You are Leader-1!

............... ..................... .............................. Ew. You're a Go-bot. That's just wrong. I'm sorry. I really, really am. Umm...At least you're...No. Never Mind. Oh! Hey! I kno... Read more

You are Megazord!

You're a smaller, weaker, uglier, live action rip off of Voltron III. But you did manage to be the epicenter of a merchandising line toys hadn't seen in quite some time. And in the end, it doesn't mat... Read more

You are Gigantor!

Also known as, "Tetsujin 28", you are a giant robot designed to stop crime and controlled by a small 12 year old boy. Only half of your series made it to the US. You're strong, quick and powerful, b... Read more

Generic Gundam!

The ultimate in generic Robots, Gundams have lasted for 25 years now encompassing several TV series and movies, generally based around international/inter-stellar politics with the occasional bit of m... Read more

Veritech Skull-One!

Driven by Roy Fokker, The Veritech Skull-One is the crown jewel in the SDF-1's attack fleet. A veritech fighter is a fighter plane that can transform into a humanoid "Battloid" and mixture of plane ... Read more

Optimus Prime!

Leader of the Autobots, incarnation if morality and ethics itself, and also a gigantic robot that turns into a Tractor Trailler, you are indeed awesomeness personified. If even 1% of humanity was as... Read more

You am Grimlock!

Leader of the Dinobots, kicker of butts, hugger of petro-rabbits, and force of destruction with a really bad grasp of the English language, Grimlock is the most powerful Autobot (not counting gestalts... Read more


Standing 120 Meters tall and weighing in at 150,000 tons, you are the creation of a joint American-Japanese project under the jurisdiction of the United Nations Godzilla CounterMeasures Center. And ... Read more


An Eva is a thing created by man in mans' own image. The Eva's were designed to stop the "Angels," a life form first discovered in Antartica, and which caused what is known as "Second Impact." Second ... Read more

You are Megatron!

Every human around your craps their pants and runs away in mortal terror, shrieking like a 5 year old girl. That's how much of a bad ass you are. You are as evil as evil gets. You will settle for not... Read more

Patlabor Mech!

The anime Patlabor is set in a near future world where robots are just everyday vehicles, like construction equipment for example. So you're massive, but you're not necessarily a destroyer. You may bu... Read more

You are Voltron III!

Made up of five lions, you are the Voltron of planet Aris, fighting robeast sent by the Evil King Zarkon, Prince Lokar, and the hideous witch, Haggar. Of course, you quickly make work of them with you... Read more

You are Voltron I!

Althought the Lion Voltron is the more popular one, Vehicle Voltron is the more powerful of the three Voltron robots. Comprising of over a dozen vehicles, Voltron I defends Earth from Alien invaders w... Read more

You are the SD-F 1

God damn, you're big. And chock full of fire power to boot. You are the Super Dimensional Battlefortress that crashed on Earth and was rebuilt by the humans that discovered you. Your existence put an ... Read more

You are Unicron!

They don't get any bigger or badder than you. You eat planets for fun and you pick on other gods of destruction and chaos like Nyarlathotep and Ares for fun. Your non humanoid robotic form is a planet... Read more

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