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The Green Woman

Poor dear. In another age, you would have been revered for your wisdom, your knowledge of herblore, and your connection to the Other World. But ever since they published they published that dreadful book, you can barely make someone a pot of tea without them looking at you askance. The fact that you keep to yourself might keep you out of trouble. But Goddess forbid that one of your cures doesn't work, or that one of your predictions turns out to be true--or false. If the witch-craze comes to your town, there's a good chance you'll end up on the stake.

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Natural Philosopher

Congratulations! You were ahead of your time! While the rest of the world was still running around believing in astral projection and evil spirits, you kep a cool head on your shoulders. You really we... Read more

Farmer Brown

While you are not the most observant of folks, you're also not a troublemaker, and you haven't a whit of psychic ability to get you into trouble. You are, however, rather close to the earth, which in ... Read more

Quiet Sarah Browne

You regularly have prophetic dreams but you're wise enough to keep their meanings to yourself. You've been visited by angels and spend half your time in a sort of dream reality. Unless those around yo... Read more

The Green Woman

Poor dear. In another age, you would have been revered for your wisdom, your knowledge of herblore, and your connection to the Other World. But ever since they published they published a href="http:/... Read more

Goody Bradford

Goodwife Bradford, you have nothing to fear. Not only are you the very image of every husband's perfect wife and mother, your faith in Our Lord is unwavering. You haven't a psychic bone in your body, ... Read more

Friar Lawrence

Tending your beehives in the hills of Tuscany, or copying manuscripts in the scriptorium of an Irish monastery, you are every inch a servant of the Lord. You live happily by your oath of poverty, chas... Read more

The Christian Mystic

If it weren't for your undying devotion to the church and your unquestionable love for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, your dreams and portents might have made you a target for witch-persecution. Bu... Read more

Saint Francis

You are Saint Francis of Assisi. As long as you can make it to your audience with the Pope, you should be okay. Good luck, and mak... Read more

The Rabble-Rouser

Completely unorthodox and unabashedly outspoken, you would start an argument for absolutely no reason. This kind of behavior might have gotten you accused and even executed as a witch, but more's the ... Read more

Burn the WITCH!

I hate to say it, but you have probably the worst combination of traits it's possible to have in this test -- at least if you would have liked to have survived the Inquisition. Not only did you not kn... Read more

Burn the WITCH!

Chances are you were a nice goodly wife (pronoucned WEEF), who just had the ability to see and feel things that other people couldn't. If you had the sense to keep your mouth shut from time to time, y... Read more

Shrew Harpy WITCH!!!

Alas, it's pretty likely you would have been burned as a witch. Your unusual way of looking at the world, while a great asset in an age that admires and rewards rule-breakers, made you stick out like ... Read more


You were the official in charge of examining the accused to see whether or not they were, in fact, witches. A true believer in the dark powers of Satan, you also believed that the women, men, children... Read more

Jesuit Priest

Chances are very good that you would have been a Jesuit Priest during the time of the witch trials. Of course, I'm completely ignorant as to what the Jesuit order was up to between, say 1600 and 1800,... Read more

The Accuser

You were the woman who saw Quiet Sarah Browne as she made her nightly rounds in sleep because you also have a touch of The Sight, although you'd never admit it to yourself. All you knew is that she ap... Read more

Rebecca Nurse

You are one confused lady (or guy). You definitely believe in the church and its teachings, but you just can't get your head around the notion that the pleasures of the flesh are nothing but an illusi... Read more

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