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Smart and Funny

You scored 44 hot, 79 smart, 64 funny, and 20 wealthy!

This is great. You are probably a really awesome guy. It's just that chemistry is a huge part of a successful sexual relationship. You've got all the qualities a woman could ever ask for, but you should work on your first impression. Start saving up, take a nice girl out, and as soon as she gets to know you, you'll be set.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • hot Distribution

    They scored 44% on hot, higher than 39% of your peers.

  • smart Distribution

    They scored 79% on smart, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • funny Distribution

    They scored 64% on funny, higher than 51% of your peers.

  • wealthy Distribution

    They scored 20% on wealthy, higher than 18% of your peers.

All possible test results

Oh Dear

Well, you've gotta start somewhere. We're sure you have at least a couple points here or there. If not, try starting with your education. Get that GED you've been thinking about. It'll only help in th... Read more

Rich Boy

You, like Donald, don't have much going for you other than your money. And even though we're not shallow enough to date you, there are plenty of girls that are. Which works out swimmingly for you! Hig... Read more

Funny Man

Carrot Top may not be the best representation of your type, but you get by because you're funny. We appreciate that, we really do. That's probably the number 1 requirement in our book. But. It's not t... Read more

Funny and Wealthy

Not a bad combination. We like funny guys. And we like wealthy guys. But what's with the lack of marbles, buddy? You make us a little crazy. You should also consider using some of that cash you've got... Read more

All Brains

Honestly, you're probably talking right over our heads. Not that we're dumb. It's just that without a sense of humor, studly good looks, and some pocket cash, you've got a lot of "reading" time. Your ... Read more

Smart and Wealthy

These things go together much of the time. You will have no problem getting women. In fact, we're surprised you're here. Wait, are you cheating on your wife? Ew. Leave now. Read more

Smart and Funny

This is great. You are probably a really awesome guy. It's just that chemistry is a huge part of a successful sexual relationship. You've got all the qualities a woman could ever ask for, but you shou... Read more

3/4 ain't bad...

But you have some work to do. If you can just hit the gym a few times a week or maybe even just worked on first impressions, there will be plenty of ladies for you to woo. In fact, we'd be surprised i... Read more

Could be worse...

You aren't the hottest guy on the block, but you definitely have some cute traits. You might want to work a LITTLE at one other aspect, just to boost yourself up that next notch. For instance, work on... Read more

not too bad there...

Money talks. Get a move on that empire. Talk to Anna Nicole Smith, she's got a deal for ya. Read more

The Best Friend

Well, let's just be friends. Do you seem to get that a lot? We just wanted to say we love hanging out with you, you're so much fun. It's so great to have someone that is like a brother. Call me later,... Read more

You'll do just fine

We accept and appreciate your qualities. But...you're the flavor of the month. We know there's someone slightly better out there, but if the timing is wrong, we'll stick around. We're probably really ... Read more

Science Partner

In high school, we always hoped you'd be our science partner. You were definitely cooler than the nerd with the suspenders. Sorry for asking for all the answers to the tests. You were a life saver tho... Read more

I'd Date You

But hold off on the engagement ring. We think you're pretty cool, you take us to nice restaurants and can hold a good conversation, but lighten up a little bit. It's okay to laugh. There is more to li... Read more

You're hot anyway

You possess the two greatest qualities a woman could look for in a man's personality. You are funny and intelligent. And that's hot. But. You could be hotter. Think on that. Read more


Smart, funny, rich men are great. You have many of the qualities that the best guy ever would possess. We're sure we connect on an intellectual level, we could definitely have a lot of fun and deep co... Read more


Dude, can we say one night stand? Totally. Sweeeet. Read more

There's a gap

Great sex. Lemme repeat. Great sex. But...I feel distance between us. Probably because we've never held a decent conversation. So shut up and let's go again. Read more

Laughing together?

It's hard to tell sometimes if I'm laughing with you or laughing at you. It's probably a combination of both. You're a funny guy and we like funny guys. Just sometimes you're stupid funny and that's n... Read more

Let's get married

We'll relent and manage the finances, just to stay with you. You probably made your money off your jockular humor, or, rather your less than stellar intelligence. But you know something, that's okay. ... Read more

You're getting there

You're probably just a little behind your buds on the road to success. But don't be disappointed. You are still hot and smart, that's an excellent start. Get back to us when you've made your fortune. Read more

No Joker Here

Don't worry, you can leave the jokes up to us. You just stand there and be hot, smart, and rich. But don't think you're just a trophy husband. Oh no. Well...okay. We love you anyway. Contact us (Littl... Read more


You'll have to insert your own picture, or send us a copy so we can use it, because we can't think of anyone. So if you landed on this square, so to speak, know that you are probably one of a kind. An... Read more

Best Guy Ever

Well, well, well. There is a chance that you are, in fact, the best guy ever! Wow. I guess we're not that surprised...there's a slim chance you do exist. We're crossing our fingers you didn't lie on t... Read more

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