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you are asleep. enjoy your boring dreams

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you are asleep. enjoy your boring dreams Read more

oh god help me!

Hi honey. did you sign the divorce papers yet? Read more

orlando rules!

you either work in the hospitality industry, allied health, food service, informaton technology or some other industry that has 3rd shift. drugs make your life bearable Read more

the poor planet

not only are you a 3rd shifter but you are a NASTY CRANKY ONE TOO if you are waitstaff, you spit in people's salad. Read more

College kids

typical messed up high school or college kid. roll the joint tighter sweetheart. Read more

Selfish prick

you fuck em, steal their money and then you expect them to wash the floor? you are one cold SOB Read more

That's me!

you are my evil twin. if you are up at 3 am it is because you are working AND enjoying. there is nothing like a coffee break...especially if it involves LOTS of cream and sugar....hmmm...whipped crea... Read more

there is no escape

i already told you, i'm not talking to you until you sign the divorce papers. Read more

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