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Their result for The Could you be a Porn Star? Test ...

Aspiring Porn Star

You scored 82 Sex Appeal, 78 Raunchiness, 84 Skill, and 79 Passion!

Wow, you've got it all!.. the look, the kink, the skill and the passion! They don't get much hotter than you.. You could definitely do porn. You're not the nastiest performer out there, but damn close. Definitely employable. (want a job?) If you're in the San Francisco Bay area, and female, let's talk! ;) -Shane.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Sex Appeal Distribution

    They scored 82% on Sex Appeal, higher than 79% of your peers.

  • Raunch Distribution

    They scored 78% on Raunch, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Skill Distribution

    They scored 84% on Skill, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • Passion Distribution

    They scored 79% on Passion, higher than 64% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Prude

You have nothing we're looking for. This business just isn't for you. Go home and make sweet love to you partner.. (assuming that you actually have sex.) Read more

Recently Deflowered

Ya got zeal kid, I'll give ya that.. ..but that's all you've got. Go home, watch some porn, read "The Joy of Sex", "The Kama Sutra", talk to Dr. Ruth, and get a makeover - then call me in 5 years. Read more

Sex-Ed teacher

You seem to have a good understanding of the mechanics of sex. Maybe you should try work as an elementary or high school sex-ed teacher. You probably wont find much else interesting, and vice versa. Read more

The Marrying type

You know about sex, and you like it. As for the rest, have you thought about settling down, maybe having a family? I'd consider it if I were you. Read more

The Slave

Hmm, you're kinda raunchy.. ..but it seems that you dont have much else to offer, otherwise. Be someone's bitch - wanna be mine? Read more


You're willing to try quite a bit, and you enjoy it. ..but you're still not all that skilled, or all that appealing outside of a specific domain. Perhaps you should find a more experienced "lifestyle... Read more

The Deviant

You're into some pretty nasty stuff, and you really know what you're doing. Perhaps you should find like minded companions to enjoy your kink with. They could benefit from your knowledge.. as far as ... Read more

Niche Potential

You're a good performer.. there could be something here.. You just neeed to work on your image, self confidence, or body to make it into mainstream. You don't have the typical look were going for. Fo... Read more

Slave Pig

There's almost nothing you won't do.. Have you no self respect? You're a dirty little bitch! You don't know much else other than how to be nasty. You have no abilities or significant attraction other... Read more

Hard up

You're an excitable little pervert. You are not very appealing to others, nor do you know how to please others very well. You're far to busy masturbating to porn than to be in one. Perhaps a job as a... Read more

The Sub

You are skilled at giving pleasure, and will go to any length to please. Although you may enjoy reciprocation, you're far too passive to make it as an adult performer right now. Take some acting less... Read more

Great Performer

You've almost got what it takes.. the attitude, the ability, the intensity.. It's just the look that's wrong. Work on it. Read more

Pleasant Looking

..but not much else. (yawn..) ..Have you ever thought about being a Sear's catalogue model? Read more

Soft Core

Attractive and excitable.. not bad to watch.. You might do well on the Spice Channel, or in a Playboy spread.. but not for the real thing. You need to learn a thing or two and loosen up a bit. Read more

The Escort

You're hot and very talented sexually.. Just not quite kinky enough, and you lack passion. You'd make a great escort, massage girl, or fluffer, keeping the stars "ready" between the scenes Read more

Vanilla Porn

You've got it all except the kink.. In todays world of gonzo super freaky, you wouldnt be competitive enough.. ..but you might have what it takes to be a moderately successful, vanilla porn star. The... Read more

The Stripper

You're very attractive and nasty.. seems good at first glance.. ..but you don't really know how to please your partner, nor do you really care. It's as if you're simply living out some childhood mole... Read more


You're hot, kinky, and you love it.. You just need some more experience.. We'll show you the ropes- no problem.. just don't expect any big contacts anytime soon. Read more

The Stand In

You're hot, pretty kinky, and you know what you're doing. It's just difficult for you to show emotion. You'd make a great pussy or cock stunt double, standing in for the big names during gangbangs.. ... Read more

Aspiring Porn Star

Wow, you've got it all!.. the look, the kink, the skill and the passion! They don't get much hotter than you.. You could definitely do porn. You're not the nastiest performer out there, but damn clos... Read more

Fetish Performer

You're hot and nasty.. ..you just can't act, or work with the other performers that well.. Still, there may be a place for you doing fetish, such as Bukkake, gangbangs, foot or ass worship.. If you... Read more

Serious Potential

You've got the look, attitude, and desire.. ..you just need to sharpen your skills. Keep on fucking and sucking, but study what works for your partner, not just yourself. You could probably work in l... Read more


You're very attractive, and very sexually open minded.. ..but just because some things don't gross you out, doesn't mean they turn you on, either. Sure, you still have your moments when you get into ... Read more


You are exactly what we're looking for! Sexy, raunchy, exciting, and you know exactly what you're doing! Keep on fucking and sucking! You were born to do porn, and you'll die a ledgend! If you're i... Read more

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