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Canopy of Knowledge

You scored 85 knowledge, 22 understanding, and 9 creativity!

Congratulations! You did extremely well! And you managed some creative answers. Be proud: you are blessed with random knowledge about flowers. In fact, you probably know more than I do. If you found a mistake, do please let me know. Now, go get back to your garden.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • knowledge Distribution

    They scored 85% on knowledge, higher than 61% of your peers.

  • understanding Distribution

    They scored 22% on understanding, higher than 72% of your peers.

  • humor Distribution

    They scored 9% on humor, higher than 44% of your peers.

All possible test results

Dead Stem

OUCH. Either you know nothing about flowers, or you are a lousy guesser, or both. You must also have skipped a lot of questions. Why did you take the test? Read more


Okay, so you may not know much, but you have a sense of humor. Congratulations! Read more

Grape Hyacinth

A fairly normal person, you have grasped just enough of the cultural do's and don't's to manage comfortably. You haven't found yourself pressed to learn the names of odd things, and your mother's gard... Read more

Lily of the Valley

You've got the culture part of flowers DOWN COLD. That's fantastic. If you're male, you always know just what flowers to bring your date; if you're female, you know not to cut off long-stemmed roses a... Read more


Socially, you know your way around flowers; the rest of the test you must have simply skipped! Or maybe you were just that confused. Still, social do's and don't's are good to know! Take a bow. Read more


You've got wit, and social knowledge, but don't concern yourself with the names of the stuff that hits about knee-level. If that's how you want it, that's fine; just don't forget to stop and sniff the... Read more


Points for trying! You don't read many signs at the local botannical garden, do you? As for the social stuff, you need to brush up a little. Wouldn't want to send lilies to your significant other and ... Read more


Got a little distracted by the funny stuff, did we? That's all right, everyone needs a little comedy, and that's probably why you took the test. Just don't spend so long searching out jokes and fun th... Read more


You know some basic flowers and the basic rules; you can tell an African violet from a wild one in your yard, and you took my test seriously (how strange!). You got points for trying, but might have l... Read more


Ah, a little ray of sunshine! Your sense of humor may have provided a distraction from answers you knew, or it may have simply covered some ignorance. Either way, you must have a soft spot for flowers... Read more


Showy but serious, you avoided the amusing, showed what you know, and skipped everything else. Oops. This wasn't the SAT: you lost points for skipping questions! The bright side is, you have a fair-si... Read more


You may not run across as much information as you'd like, but what you encounter, you seem to hold onto! And you've got a sense of humor. Congratulations. Read more


The dogwood is kinda plain: all white and such. So are you: straight up floral knowledge and nothing else; what are we going to do with you? Well, you had to learn all that stuff about flowers somewhe... Read more


Well, you know your flowers, but you don't know what to do with them! That's okay, your sense of humor will cover any mistakes. Seriously, though, go learn which roses to give whom! Read more


Well, well! Nice work. You know your flowers, that's for sure! You might could use a brush-up on some local customs, but that's okay. Got a favorite flower you'd like to see in the test? Let me know! ... Read more

Dutch Iris

So, you've collected a few facts and names along the way! That's great. You didn't do too badly on culture, either. And you have a sense of humor, and probably didn't skip any questions. Read more

Bearded Iris

Ok, so you know your stuff; you just had to show off, couldn't pick one funny answer? Loosen up, it's just an online test! Oh, and congratulations: this is where I actually hope people end up, taking ... Read more

Canopy of Knowledge

Congratulations! You did extremely well! And you managed some creative answers. Be proud: you are blessed with random knowledge about flowers. In fact, you probably know more than I do. If you found a... Read more

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