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Their result for The How Effed Up Are You Test ...

You're 40% more screwed up than the average Joe.

Well, lets see.

If you scored under 10% : You've got nothing to worry about. You probably got straight A's in school and have the nice white picket fence to go along with your boring standard life. Way to be like everyone else.


If you scored 11% - 40% : You've got a few skeletons in the closet. Maybe you should keep them to yourself because it would probably end a relationship with your significant other or get you in trouble with the police.Hey, who knows it might actually spice things up!


If you scored 41% - 60% : You've got problems. I don't think you're so far gone that we can't pull you back to 'regular society standards', but I don't thing I would hand around you longer than one day a month... for safety. We'll keep you on a short leash and in plain sight at all times.


If you scored 61% or higher : You're probably sitting in jail, or you're a bum who has walked into and free internet cafe and came across this test by accident... while masturnating to porn. You're pretty much every disgusting thing society wishes weren't true, all combined in one gross person. I'd like to give you a medal of honour but I'm afraid if I touch you I might lose my hand to some incurable disease. I would also like to add you to my friend list so I have a walking encyclopedia of Effed Up Things I can borrow from and reference.


Don't forget to come back and check for updated questions. More will be added soon!


Be sure to message me with new questions you feel should be added, so I can add them to the list of Effed Up things. As time goes on I will be updating this test with those new questions (as well as my own), so be sure to come back and see if you're questions are there and if you're really 'Effed Up' or not. :D

Update: Questions Added (08.11.2009)

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    They scored 40% on How Screwed Up, higher than 88% of your peers.

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Well, lets see. If you scored under 10% : You've ... Read more

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