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The Jackass

You scored 80% manipulation, 50% logic, 70% violence, and 54% narcissism!

Your life is all about you. You think you're (insert your favorite deity here)'s gift to the world, you manipulate others to get your way without thinking through the consequences thoroughly, and you think you're highly intelligent. You won't hesitate to be a bully, but you lack the requisite psychopathic logic to rule the world. At best, you're the boss nobody likes, but some people will pay you respect because they're too timid to tell you to have an excrement omelet and go away. At worst, you're a raving lunatic; not necessarily harmless, but defeatable because it's too easy to enrage you into mistakes.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • manipulation Distribution

    They scored 80% on manipulation, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • logic Distribution

    They scored 50% on logic, higher than 32% of your peers.

  • violence Distribution

    They scored 70% on violence, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • narcissism Distribution

    They scored 54% on narcissism, higher than 74% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Punching Bag

You're easily manipulated, emotional, a pacifist, and you have low self-esteem. I bet your life sucks, and you're too timid to do anything about it. Jerks flock to you like starving bears to honey and... Read more

The Good Time

Easily manipulated, emotional, a pacifist, and narcissistic. You're not the sharpest tool in the shed. You probably wouldn't be the sharpest utensil in the drawer even if you were a knife with ten tho... Read more

Angst Queen/King

Easily manipulated, emotional, violent, and with low self-esteem. ANGST. That is your life. You wouldn't really feel whole without it. While you do have violent tendencies, you're more likely to turn ... Read more

The Time Bomb

Unlike most selfish people with violent inclinations, you're very aware of your flaws. And you angst about them constantly because it's not faaaaaair that you don't get everything you want. You don't ... Read more

Human Scenery

You know that they're all just using you. And... you don't care. You honestly could not care less. You're just happy to have a role to play, even if it's the role of a robot. Robots are nice. Unless s... Read more

The Tool

You think highly of yourself, which makes you particularly susceptible to manipulation from others. You usually know you're caught in a bind; you just can't be arsed to do anything about it. You're ... Read more

The Patient Rebel

People are screwing you over. You're smart enough to pick up on this, but since you're better at taking action than you are with working quietly behind the scenes to plot and plan, you're only minimal... Read more

Devil's Right Hand

You would make a pretty good evil overlord, except that you lack one key thing: the ability to get other people to do what you want. You spend a lot of your life doing things yourself because you can'... Read more

The Town Bicycle

You're not really thrilled about yourself, and you're not much of a go-getter. With a more stoic personality type, you could become robotic or something, but you're too mentally vulnerable for that. Y... Read more

The Lazy Dude(tte)

You're generally content to just float through life, as long as you don't have to, you know, actually do anything to keep yourself above the water. You're good at whining, sulking, and being a general... Read more

The Summoned Demon

You're rude, you're loud, and you will fight, backstab, and badmouth to get your way. Unlike the Jackass, though, who is a jerk out of a superiority complex, yours comes from your internal fear that y... Read more

The Jackass

Your life is all about you. You think you're (insert your favorite deity here)'s gift to the world, you manipulate others to get your way without thinking through the consequences thoroughly, and you ... Read more

The Martyr

Oh, no, not you. You could never, ever hurt a fly. You would never, ever hurt someone's feelings. Even if the fly is carrying disease or the person in question really needs to be knocked down a few pe... Read more

Mr. / Ms. Suave

You take people's hearts, and then you break them, and then they come back begging for more. You really attract masochists. That's probably a good thing, because non-masochists will see you for the ma... Read more

General w/o Army

You would be the one plotting world domination, except for two little problems: you have no charisma and your self-esteem is low (and you're logical enough to realize that these might inhibit your que... Read more

Evil Overlord

One thing is sure; you leave an impression. People either fall at your feet (those are the sycophants and the stupid) or they outright hate you (those are the nominally intelligent people with a shred... Read more

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