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Their result for The Knowledge of DRUGS Test ...

Novice Stoner

You scored 87 Stoner Rating out of 115!

Your an average stoner. Congradulations.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Stoner? Distribution

    They scored 87% on Stoner?, higher than 74% of your peers.

All possible test results

Drug Virgin

You are a very innocent, naive, and sheltered. Don't be afraid to live a little while your still kicking. Read more


You maybe smoked marijuana once or twice, or you have friends that use, or you just have common sense. Read more


You are an amature. you probably do drugs every once in a while or have friends close friends that do. Read more

Novice Stoner

Your an average stoner. Congradulations. Read more

Big Stoner

You know a lot however you didn't score perfect. you missed 1-2 questions, however you had to have gotten some advanced question correct like the weight scale questions, and the beatles question. Pick... Read more


WOW You are a Grade-A Certified Stoner. You are very very knowledgable. I am shocked. You know everything from who first got the beatles high to the weight scale to what it means to get wet. Your a ha... Read more

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